Poppy Parker Beatnik Blues

A little over two years when I started collecting, this doll finally came home to me. In the beginning of my collecting, I've seen this doll sell for much cheaper... but being new to the hobby and thinking $60 for a Silkstone Barbie was insane, it was unimaginable for me to spend hundreds on a single, used doll.

Well, times change. :)

If I'm going to be frank, this is probably the last time I spend the money I did on one single doll. I do not regret getting her, I'm elated to have her! But, I will never do it again.

She came to be with terrible bangs, and for the first time, instead of washing away the hair product, I added it. It was a challenge because I never was very good at styling doll hair, but I managed to fix her toothbrush bangs just fine. Thanks to the advise of all our helpful collectors in the community!

Here she is, my lovely Beatnik Blues.

She hurriedly joined my favorite girls shelf.

In the Poppy Parker Style Lab 2019 box.
I love this box. You can put any doll inside and they look so cute!

The bangs all tamed, but honestly there is still the break in the middle.
I can live with it!

When I'm not photographing her, she has this piece of plastic around her head to keep the bangs tame!

And finally, here is how she looked like before coming to me. Seller's photo, when she came home it took me not ten minutes to strip her outfit and work on her hair.
Of course, she is still beautiful. But those bangs............

Well, now she is perfect! And I'm elated to have her!


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