Instagram Fashion Doll Accounts : Some of my FAVES!

As some of you know, I love toys. I love dolls. I love setting up dioramas. I love dressing up my little people. :)

In fact, aside from a Sylvanian Families-centered account, I have a separate one for my BJDs and another for my fashion dolls!

Today, we will focus on fashion dolls. Despite admittedly not being so fashionable in real life (lol!), my @dolliberate account on Instagram seem to have gotten the most followers. I started the account July of 2017 so it's about two years now. Wow!

But this is not about me. So we shall stop talking about that now! :P

There are soooooooo many good doll accounts on IG but here are a few of my favorites!

1. @rayminogue

I absolutely adore their fashion ad-style shoots. They really like GUCCI and they execute their shots soooooooo well you almost believe it is a real campaign!

How friggin' cool? I dream of the day brands start doing campaigns with our dolls for real. :)

 2. @thetinycellar

 The Tiny Cellar focuses on the life of Jo, a Barbie wine-connoisseur. The creator takes beautiful photos that reflect real life. I enjoy their writing as well! There is a story that progresses with each post.

Wonderful diorama. Look seems to be really baking with all that mess she is making. Haha!

With each post you get to know her characters more and more. How to keep an audience engaged? The Tiny Cellar knows it well!

3. @yoedelmo

Yoedelmo likes to go outside and take photos. :) And it shoes in their feed! They often take their dolls and shoot outdoors, playing with forced perspective. I think they do it quite well!

This very convincing crowd scene was completed with the help of some friends. How did they manage to hide all their hands in the shot is beyond me. Haha!

And of course, they take amazing fashion shots like this, too! What more can I ask? :)

So there's three of my favorites! I hope you go visit their accounts and show them some support--they surely deserve it!


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