Sylvanian Families Large House with Carport (Lavender)

(Note: The name above is a direct translation of the Japanese name.)

In December 2016, Epoch announced the release of the adult-centered house, similar in mold and form to the Maple Manor, known as カーポートのあるあこがれのお家 in Japanese. The price point was about two times the retail price of Maple Manor (¥12,960).

The difference between the Maple Manor and the Lacender House is mainly the coloring. More detail is also added in the different parts of the house, like the golden paint on the embossed decoration on doors and windows. The roof of each house is also hand painted, so no two houses are the same.

Additionally, the house is shipped with a dedicated set of wallpapers! I scanned mine and you are free to download it here. It’s not the best quality, but the material used in the wallpaper makes it very hard to scan. This should also fit perfectly with the regular-release Maple Manor!

The house was only available to Sylvanian Families Japan Premium Club members and only one unit per member was allowed.

I got mine nearly a year after the release. The price at ¥27,000 was a bit hefty and I didn’t really have a lot of space left in my Sylvanian room. But, upon checking the club shop, and seeing the △ sign (which means the stock is low), I reckoned it’s better to get it than regret not getting it after the price jumps to more than ¥27k! Plus, it was nearly my birthday anyway, and I see no harm in getting myself a little gift. :P

So here is a look at my lavender house! It’s an on-going project so I might change or add some boots here in the future as well. Enjoy! ❤️

Freya is as excited as I am to open this up!


I don't own the Maple Manor, but I think the contents are about the same, looking at this photo:

The only real difference was the coloring. The roofs are said to be hand-painted, but I'm not sure about the rest of the body. To be honest, some of the paint-job on the body is sloppy, there was also a circular mark on one of the exterior walls which I assume is a product defect... And having paid 27,000 yen for it, I was a bit disappointed! :(

The wallpaper included is so gorgeous though! I don't now if the other wallpaper they sell in the online shop is of the same quality, but this one was great.

 It wasn't made of paper, but cardboard. It is also textured and is really nice to touch!

Here is how I've decorated mine so far! How do you like it? ^^


I still don't know how I will decorate the "outside" so I will update this post in the future!



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