Dolls! Dolls! Dolls! My Dolly Story So Far!

My toy collection has recently expanded to dolls!

Of course, I have had my one and only Blythe doll for over a year now--but my doll collection did not start growing until recently.

I opted to get Barbie dolls, because the price point of Blythes are a tad expensive... But I ended up buying equally expensive fashion dolls in the form of Integrity Toys... XD

I started small, looked for the Barbie I liked the very best.

She was Style So Sweet of the Barbie Fashionista Line.

Thinking I wanted to pose her, I bought a Made to Move Barbie Skateboarder as well, originally wanting to swap their heads.

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I did swap. And I was so excited about all the poses my new doll can do!

It was not long before I felt bad for Skateboarder Barbie though. She is also a very beautiful doll... So I swapped their heads back... and went to Amazon for another round of orders. XDD

This time I bought a Made to Move Soccer Player (for the head swap) and the Barbie Look City Chic doll. She is also so very beautiful!

I swapped the head of the Soccer Player Doll to So Sweet. And I ended up with two beautiful dolls! Haha.

City Chic is a beaut. But to be honest, I am finding it hard to photograph her. :(

I also ended up deciding I need a closet for my dolly clothes! ALTHOUGH I DIDN'T HAVE MUCH CLOTHES AT THIS TIME! HAHA! The Barbie Playline closets are so pink and childish... So I opted for the Black Label Closet. It's a beautiful closet but it isn't cheap.

Now I have a beautiful closet but no clothes. I wanted to buy some Barbie Fashion Packs and went to several stores here in Japan. Barbie isn't really big in Japan so that was a bit difficult... I tried Akihabara. This is when trouble started!

I saw Fashion Royalty Nippon Misaki at a doll store and I was obsessed with her... It was not long before I bought her. I went from $30 Black Label Barbie (my most expensive at that time) to $200. Hahaha.

No regrets though, as she is gorgeous!
Look at her! Her clothing is also so well made. The amount of detail and craftsmanship put into this doll is amazing. I was (and still am) so in love!

Anyway, there was not much luck in Akihabara for doll clothing. There were a couple of lose Barbie clothes at Yodobashi Camera (a huge store for everything) but nothing else.

I bought instead from Amazon Japan. They're way more expensive than they should be, plus the quality isn't not that great because they're mainly meant for kids. That's when I dabbled into the more expensive, OOAK and custom clothes.

I ordered my first set of custom clothes from a seamstress in Ukraine. The outfits are with me now but I haven't had the chance to properly photograph them so I'll leave that for next time! ^^ I also got some knitwear from the USA and so on and so forth. I also got a bunch of Barbie Fashion Packs from Amazon USA and some other clothes in various places!

So now, I have a doll closet full of clothes!

I bought one more Integrity Toy doll from then, she is gorgeous as well. :)

She is a Dynamite Girls Rufus! Gorgeous, gorgeous.

I am looking at a Poppy Parker doll right now. Maybe, maybe I will buy more of the fiercer faces in Integrity Toys in the future, but yet! I do enjoy the cute faces my current dolls have. Hahaha.

Please look at this short clip of my current doll squad. ^^

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