Sylvanian Families Brick Oven Bakery

The Brick Oven Bakery was the first shop I bought after I got my very first Sylvanian Families house, the City House with Lights. Convincing myself in my first few days into the hobby that I will only really need one house and one shop, I chose this bakery.

The bakery became first available in Japan on April 2, 2015. The Toys R Us Japan gift set version later became available about 4 months later on August 8, 2015.

I bought the Toys R Us version myself.

Official promotional picture.

The giftset version includes two dolls except for Eleanor Bramble: Freya and Saffron. They wear  matching dresses. Also included are an outdoor table and chairs set with a couple of magazines, a lamp-post, and a variation of the cobblestone slab available for sale at the Japanese Premium Club Shop.

I thought these were really great additions! It was also a point in time when I only had the Buckleys residing in my village and a few more residents were badly needed. ; 3 ;

There is also another Toys R Us Version of this building released elsewhere.
Instead of Saffron, we get sister Abigail in a very cute dress. Freya is also included in a different dress. The table and chairs included are the re-color of the ornate garden table and chairs. The lamp post is also maroon red instead of the green one we receive in the JP release.

I'm so glad Eleanor decided to open up her business in my town!

Now let's take a close look at the bakery.

Cream walls and an orange roof to match the red brick oven. 

On one side is a large display window.

The shelves on the sides of the building can not be rearranged.

On the other side are pictures of some of the bread available for sale in-store.

I added a few extra bread and accessories in my shop.

But the amount of baked goodies included in the  set is enough to fill the shelves.

Uhhh. YUM!

Saffron is having a hard time deciding which is better--the turtle bread or the fish bread??

Freya, on the other hand is ready to check out!

Eleanor's lovely smile, aside from the wonderful baked goods she makes, will surely keep customers coming back.

It's a lovely building! I love the use of warm colors and the detail in every bread in the set. Plus I really enjoy setting this one up every time since the amount of items included isn't too overwhelming! XD

Do you have this building in your village?



  1. This is the cutest building and one of my first buildings as well. I wish I had known to look for gift sets back then. I missed out on a Freya with a unique dress.

    SF is so good at creating bakery sets. They all look so warm and cosy. I love all of them, but this is my favorite. Thanks for the photos, I enjoyed seeing the gift set version.

  2. I love this building and all the accessories included. I have the Watermill Bakery that´s why I haven´t bought the Brick Oven Bakery but I´ve been tempted to do it more than once. It´s great you got the gift versiĆ³n.


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