Sylvanian Families Hazelwood Toy Shop

Hello! Today we will be taking a look at the Hazelwood Toy Shop. I believe this is the first toy shop in the UK, released in 2004.

It has recently been quite difficult to find but I managed to score one!

The Hazelwood Toy Shop is one of three cottage-type toy shops in the Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters line. A couple of months back, a dear friend of mine helped me all three by sending me the Calico Critters version called the Main Street Toy Shop (Thank you, Terra!). So I will be posting about the three buildings in separate blog posts. ^^

Don't they look lovely together?

The set I got was missing but one piece--the toy box. The seller compensated by adding a first-aid kit box (not sure if this is Sylvanian) and a mini-blackboard.

Contents reference.

Everything is in lovely condition.

The building itself is white with blue windows. I do love these tiny cottage shops!

I tried to arrange the items as similarly as in the photograph as possible. You will notice an extra book is in the sample photograph. It is not in the items list, though. :O

Oliver Bearbury and Betty Hazelwood. They look glad to be out of the box!

Cottage-type shops are one of my favorites as they are smaller and ideal for collectors who don't have much space to spare. They don't come with a lot of items, however. But that just gives you a chance to get creative!

In my next blog posts, we'll be looking at the two other toy shops! See you then! ^^



  1. I also love this cottage-type shops.These toys shops are very cute and they come with lots of accessories. I hope to add one to my collection at some stage. My Betty Hazelwood would be delighted to be the owner.
    Thanks for this great review. Looking forward to see the other two shops.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I do think they are all fairly similar, except for a few color changes and which figures are included. I haven't ever opened the Calico Critters one so we will see! ^^

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  3. It's very interesting to see the different versions. Looking forward to seeing them all. Between all three, Betty has built a toy empire!

    Thanks for the blog link!

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