On the move! (and bunny pics) :P

Spring time in Tokyo!

Ahh, Spring. The perfect time to start anew!

I think I started informing friends that I will be moving around a month ago, but I won't really be moving until the third week of April. XD

Anyway, moving in Japan is not too stressful if you have the money to spare. Movers will pack, move and set your furniture for you. Well I don't have that kind of money. Haha. Nor am I willing to spend some 200,000 yen for moving! :P So the packing up and setting of furniture will mostly be on me. ; 3 ;

I get home from work at around 8pm daily. By the time I'm home, between making dinner and quick clean ups, all I really want to do is to put my feet up and rest. So there isn't a lot of packing happening. On weekends, I get  to do some packing but not that much either. So yeah, the packing is taking a long time!

Moving in Japan is expensive! Here are some fees you'd need to pay according to Gaijinpot:

  • Deposit (one month’s rent) = 80,000
  • Key money (one month’s rent) = 80,000
  • Agency fee (up to one and a half months rent) = 120,000
  • First month’s rent = 80,000
  • Property insurance = 15,000
  • Maintenance fee = 10,000
  • Key exchange fee = 12,000  
  • Total: 397,000 yen! 
Yikes! This is about the same amount of money I paid plus another month's rent because I'm going to be keeping a rabbit. This plus the movers' fee and you would be roughly two months' salary poorer. T_T 

But it is worth it! I am actually so excited to move. Our new flat will be in an older building on the third floor. But we get two extra rooms! My Sylvanian Families collection will soon have its own room.:P On top of that, I will once again be able to keep a pet! Pets make our lives sooooo much better and I'm so excited to take a new bunny home come May!

My new rabbit will come from the Tokyo Rabbit Club president's line. I know what some of you are thinking! Adopt, don't shop! Easier said than done being a foreigner here in Japan!

My rabbit will be one of these babies (10 to 14-days old in these pictures):

10-day old baby bunny

10-day old baby bunny

10-day old baby bunny

10-year old bunnies

Which one do you think I should get??? :)


  1. Hi Jona,
    That's a lot of money to move to a new place. I am excited for you to get a pet rabbit. I love rabbits too and I have an orange netherland dwarf. I think the one on the left in the last picture would be a good choice, it will be very cute.
    Hai Yen


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