Sylvanian Families House on Breeze Hill Review (シルバニアファミリー そよかぜ丘のお家)

Hello guys! Today we are taking a closer look at the Soyokaze House or (House on Breeze Hill as translations would put it).

It was released in 2016 in Japan. The measurements of the body are: 362 mm × 184 mm × 324 mm (W × D × H). This gorgeous house has a light blue roof and beautiful detailing around the house's body and inside.

It was originally intended to be the home of the Silk Cat Family but I will have my Charcoal Cat Family live in mine. It's perfect because they have three babies!

The roof seems to have been spray painted. Instead of the usual smooth feeling when touching other Sylvanian Houses, this one has a rougher, drier feel to it. I think it's because it was a matted paint.

The house is very well detailed and it was practically love at first sight! 

Even the ladder was paid attention! It has beautiful flower details!

The lower floor has the typical wood-plank flooring pattern.

The bigger room in the second floor has a parquet pattern.

And the dedicated baby room has, perhaps, tiled or vinyl flooring? I'm not sure what to make of it.

A very cute slide/ramp is installed leading to the baby room.

The wall of the baby room has a lovely design of clouds, balloons and a hot-air balloon! And you might notice there is a little window/balcony on the left side.

The door can be opened to connect to the "Nursery School" or stay closed to be another mini-balcony.

Official photo.

This is the second floor baby room balcony. Notice the gorgeous floral pattrern!

The front steps has marble flooring. I love how it is two steps and curvy!

Oh and did I mention this house comes with a swing set!!! Can't get any better than that! Haha. The swing set can be positioned into two places.

One is on the first floor porch (I'm sorry for the poorly aligned composition here).

And the other on the second floor baby room!

Now to give you an idea of how much furniture can be fitted in the house, I semi-decorated the house with the Rustic Kitchen set.

The oven and the sink can comfortably fit in the wider area of the first floor. BUT it will not fit on the other side by the front door because that side is narrower.

With the table and benches fitted that takes about half of the biggest space in the house, basically.

The second floor room can fit a single bed on the right. A semi-double bed will obstruct the balcony doors. It's a small house but with proper planning you could comfortably fit a family of five in it!

Official photo.

Overall, I think this house is gorgeous! I love the attention to detail and the lovely colors they chose for it.

It can also be a great replacement for the starter home, Cosy Cottage, as it can fit about the same amount of furniture. But it is a bit pricier and comes with no furniture or figures! There is another set with the House on Breeze Hill with furniture and figures but that's also more expensive.

So I think that's all for now! See you again another time! ^^


I've finished decorating this building and here is the result! ^^


  1. Very nice! I like how this is a bit more interesting visually than the cottage. And the swing! The triplets are going to love this house. Love the rustic kitchen too! It fits really well in the house and continues the theme of using shades of blue.

  2. I loved this house since the first time I saw it but I like it even more after your great review.Please, show us some pics when you have it fully furnished.

  3. Hi Jona !
    I can by to check out your blog and saw this house's update ! I love it and your decoration looks lovely ^^ Awesome job


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