Sylvanian Families Sweets Store / シルバニアファミリー スイート ストア

I've been thinking of buying this store a while but I just never bring it back whenever I come to one of the shops that sell Sylvanian Families.

A recent purchase of the the Cake Set prompted me to buy it, finally! I don't have a cake shop in my village--and there was nowhere to put the beautiful set that I got. Space has also been a problem in the village--there are just so much stuff I want to display! So the Sweets Shop, I thought, was a good solution. It's compact but it has a lot of free space because the set itself has a few accessories.

Box and Set Photos

If you look at the promo picture, the shop seems a bit bare, doesn't it?

This is my favorite part of the building. I love how they chose this intricate design instead of just a flat roof!

You can see there aren't really a lot of "sweets" in the set... and an empty sweets shop is sad!!!

Also, Epoch Japan has released a new set of gashpon (capsule) toys that go with the Village Cake Shop. I loved how they chose to use green for the trays instead of pink, so I also got a few of those!

This is the entire set. I was able to get the first three! Those were the ones I really wanted so I thought I was lucky! But now I wanna play more because I want number 4 and 5, too... XD

My lovely cake set!

I realized it's a lot of stuff and I started to wonder whether they would all fit in. XD But they did, in the end... With a little space for my shop attendant--whoever it would be (recently, I've been switching up jobs in the village. ; 3 ; ).

Here is the result!!!

I thought it looked like a more enticing sweets store!
(There's no space for Gacha 4 and 5 though... lol)

What do you guys think? Do you have a Sweets Store in YOUR village? What extra accessories did you add, if you did?


  1. Wow! That is a great set up, everything looks like it was made for the shop!

  2. I love what you've done with your Sweets Shop! It's so nice and full, plus it looks very welcoming. Lovely arrangement! By the way...I spend hours yesterday tracking down a Dessert Counter with a Buche de Noel after seeing your post on the forums. :)

  3. I LOVE IT!! I own that Sweets Shop but I dream of your cake counter set. The problem is that the price is out of my reach at the moment and quite hard to find! Yours looks like a proper cake shop now! You´re lucky to have added the capsule toys too.
    I can´t stop looking at your shop!A paradise for all who have a sweet tooth like me.

  4. I like the way you decorate the shop. Lovely.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments! I thought the Sweets Store and the Cake Stand are a perfect match! ^^


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