Sylvanian Families Sweets Store / シルバニアファミリー スイート ストア

I've been thinking of buying this store a while but I just never bring it back whenever I come to one of the shops that sell Sylvanian Families.

A recent purchase of the the Cake Set prompted me to buy it, finally! I don't have a cake shop in my village--and there was nowhere to put the beautiful set that I got. Space has also been a problem in the village--there are just so much stuff I want to display! So the Sweets Shop, I thought, was a good solution. It's compact but it has a lot of free space because the set itself has a few accessories.

Box and Set Photos

If you look at the promo picture, the shop seems a bit bare, doesn't it?

This is my favorite part of the building. I love how they chose this intricate design instead of just a flat roof!

You can see there aren't really a lot of "sweets" in the set... and an empty sweets shop is sad!!!

Also, Epoch Japan has released a new set of gashpon (capsule) toys that go with the Village Cake Shop. I loved how they chose to use green for the trays instead of pink, so I also got a few of those!

This is the entire set. I was able to get the first three! Those were the ones I really wanted so I thought I was lucky! But now I wanna play more because I want number 4 and 5, too... XD

My lovely cake set!

I realized it's a lot of stuff and I started to wonder whether they would all fit in. XD But they did, in the end... With a little space for my shop attendant--whoever it would be (recently, I've been switching up jobs in the village. ; 3 ; ).

Here is the result!!!

I thought it looked like a more enticing sweets store!
(There's no space for Gacha 4 and 5 though... lol)

What do you guys think? Do you have a Sweets Store in YOUR village? What extra accessories did you add, if you did?


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Sylvanian Families Photo Studio | シルバニアファミリー 森の写真屋さん

Hello guys and welcome to my very first Sylvanian Families review. I thought that I would start reviewing some Sylvanian Families sets/items from Japan because whenever I personally try searching for information online, any result in English is scarce!

Now I'm sure there are fans/collectors all over the world curious to see these items in order to decide whether they are worth their hefty price tags.

So, without further ado, here's the Sylvanian Families Photo Studio of the Forest!

Here's the front of the building. It isn't very big actually. So adding a few more accessories inside could make it quite cramped and crowded. The building measures about 26cm across, 20cm high and 16.5cm deep. It would sit on top of 2016 buildings like the Brick Oven Bakery but there would be a lot of space uncovered, thus making it quite unstable.

It comes with a sign reminiscent of the Beauty Salon. 

The display window has a beautiful embossed detail as seen above. The backdrop is removable--although the photos on it are not.

You can also remove and change the objects displayed on the ledge.

The design and feel of the building is the same as the Hospital and the Beauty Salon.

There's an arched entryway to the building. There's no door so I have no idea how the studio closes up at night! I mean, they use an expensive-looking vintage camera in there! Haha.

On one sie of the building is a big window for some natural light.

And on the other side is an advertisement that says Village Gallery. Four photos are on display representing each season and the activities the villagers take part in during those times.

Inside, we are given a clothes rack with four hangers. There are also two dresses included in the set. Some props are also provided--a stuffed animal and a tiara. And of course, there's a hairbrush so the critters can groom themselves before having their photos taken.

On the other side, we have the space for taking pictures. There's a couch, a mirror and a vintage camera.

A couple of framed photos comes with the set. One is of a family picture of the Cottontail rabbits and a group picture of school kids.

The sofa is gorgeous! It's flocked like the critters and is very nice to touch. I particularly like the upside-down tiara shape on its bottom part.

The backdrop for the photos is reversible. One is of a grand staircase.

And the other one is of a balcony with a view of a lake and mountains.

I personally think it's a beautiful building. As far as I know, there is only one of this type of building while others like the hospital has a more modern counterpart. The size is pretty modest so it's a good addition to villages with space restrictions! Haha. However, because of it's size, not much can be added inside without making it too crowded.

So there we have it, the Sylvanian Families Photo Studio!

Thanks for reading!



Thanks a lot for reading my blog. Please tell me what you think about this post~ I always enjoy reading your comments!

However, unrelated comments will be deleted. Please understand! (^^)