My Little Sylvanian Town - Elderberry Lane

Hi! I thought I'd give you a bit of an update on my Sylvanian Families collection. I've come a looooong way since the first building I bought. I've gotten a lot of new buildings and figures and it's just so awesome how quickly my street grew in a couple of months!

Although right now, I'm lacking space to add more buildings, so I guess I'll have to cut back on buying new stuff. ; 3 ; I do have a shipment coming in this month again, though! I'll be getting the green phone box along with other furniture (some from Maple Town -- my first from this line)!

Here are a few snapshots of Elderberry! ^^

One of my first buildings was this lovely bakery. My future purchases after this were all retired buildings... Haha. But I do not regret buying this piece at all. It's a very beautiful structure.

As you can see, the shop is pretty popular among Sylvanians.

One of my most favorite buildings, the Sylvanian Kitchen and my favorite figure, Spencer Maces. Although the Buckleys do have a special spot in my heart as well as they were my first family!

The Sylvanian Market also tends to be quite busy. They have almost everything you need-from food to clothes to medicine! They even have a little tea room! Seems like Lisa and Belle are enjoying a chat! (Lisa and Belle are made-up names for the Soyokaze and Nonohana sisters--they have no official names).

And the latest addition to my buildings is this lovely post office all the way from U.K.! I love the idea of snail mail. I think it's very romantic. And so, this building had been in my WANT list since I got the Sylvanian Kitchen (and my hunt for rare/retired items began).

Another interesting family to join my village are the Puddlefords. I decided that Beth will be the town seamstress instead of Bessie Buttercup--she deserves a relaxing retiree life in the big house!

The big house that I'm talking about is the House on the Hill. I've moved all the grandparents there. And although I'm not done decorating, I'd like to share some pictures of the current interior.

Ashley and Laura enjoying an afternoon of tea and nibbles with Louise Carrol (barely seen here-I'm sorry! XD).

And how lucky Angus is to have Bessie as his other half! I'd like to have coffee and food served while I'm in my bed, too!

Finally, the building that started it all. This is perhaps one of the most well-decorated buildings I have and I'm so happy to have bought this building to start off with my collection! I'm smitten. <3

Well that is all for now! I'll maybe post an update when my new lot comes in! Haha. See you all!. ^^



  1. Hello Jona, what a beautiful village you have! :) I particularly like the first two pics. Sylvanian restaurants and bakeries are the cutest thing ever. My Sylvanians have the Water Mill Bakery which is run by James and Julie Periwinkle.

    1. Thank you, Nina! I would like to see your town as well! Let me pay your website a visit. <3

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  3. Awesome Jona! You village looks lovely!I love looking at your pictures!

    1. I actually just finished rearranging again! Haha! I have the Country Flower Shop coming in Monday or Tuesday. 😭😂

  4. Nice... love the Shot of the milk man looking at the post office. #stolenshot :)

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