Autumn Leaves 紅葉 2016

Well, winter has come. This year, Tokyo had snow in November for the first time in 50 years and Autumn is cut short.

Autumn is my favorite season. I just love the colors of the leaves during this time! The Summer heat slowly being replaced by a comfortable temperature is also very welcome. Sadly, Autumn is usually shorter than the extreme seasons of Summer and Winter.

Luckily, before the snow officially signaled the beginning of the colder season, I was able to go to a park to enjoy 紅葉 or Autumn leaves! Here are a few pictures to commemorate the beautiful event!

Look at all the colors. Isn't it wonderful?

I wonder if they feel cold, too.

Well then, until next time!



  1. Hi Jona! Your photos are awesome! What a lovely park!Autumn is my favourite season too. I love autumn colours.

    1. Thanks for coming by and commenting even though this post isn't about Sylvanian Families!

      Autumn is wonderful but it's been colder and colder. TT_TT

  2. Hi you have quite a good collections of houses and stores. Very nice indeed.


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