I don't know what triggered it. Perhaps it was the endless hours of looking for Sylvanian Families steals on Mercari or Rakuma. Petite Blythe dolls would often model the items as well for size comparison. And I've seen them over and over but I didn't really pay so much attention. Then finally I saw gorgeous photos on Instagram. That was it. I had to get one!

Originally, I was going to get the October Blythe, Varsity Deans. I wanted to try my hand in customizing. So I watched YouTube videos over and over, box openings, customizations, the like. I realized it's not too simple and I would probably need practice... and I wouldn't do it on a brand new stock doll!!!

And that's how I got Ari. She's a My Best Friend doll. But now, she's my beautiful, beautiful girl!

This was the first night I met her. I wanted to make an unboxing video but I kept thinking I just wanna see her!

And was she lovely! I was so excited.

I quickly started buying stuff for her. lol

This was my first ever Etsy purchase--a cute coat with booties from Shel's Tiny Creations.

I also got her a Pure Neemo S body. Opening the head was a challenge being that MBF is an SBL mold!

But Ari is just perfect to me!

I've also started sewing for her. In this picture, I made her skirt and I modified the knit cap she is wearing.

My sewing is not very good and I don't even have a machine...

But Ari seems to like what I make for her anyhow! XD

My Ari is beautiful! Although I'm so, so tempted to get another Blythe (to be her sister or friend), I know I shouldn't!!! ; 3 ;

Takashi has been supportive of my Sylvanian Families (my village has grown so much! I'll take proper photos when I finally finish decorating my Oakwood Manor)  AND Blythe addiction, although he isn't ready to take them on trips yet. Lol But definitely Ari is coming to Osaka on our year-end vacation!

I'm so thankful and blessed that I can finally do the things I've always wanted to do and  even if there are people judging me (that I'm too old for toys), I don't really care! These "toys" are frankly more than toys if you know the work that goes into it.


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