A little sad, so here's some more Sylvanian Families!

My Sylvania-craze is going strong. Haha! I've recently join the premium membership of the Sylvanian Families Club in Japan and I'm considering joining the UK one, too... But I'm not sure if it will be beneficial. On top of that, I've even been planning to visit the Sylvanian Village at Grinpa. And that's where the sad part comes in... I was planning to go this Thursday, a national holiday, and the park is closed. scrap that, it'a open!  ;( I don't know why I didn't think of that before I started planning and now I'm just disappointed... Oh well, there should be a next time!

In order to appease myself (haha), I took photos of my little Sylvanians. From the last blog to this one, my collection has grown quite a bit! But, that's for another post. Please enjoy my photos!

I have quite a few new residents--one of them being Patricia Chocolate, the Chocolate Rabbit grandmother.

Patricia took her granddaughter, Freya to the Buttercups' for a little afternoon gossip and barbecue.

Bessie is a also relatively new to the town, moving in a couple of weeks back. She thinks the villagers are all very kind!

Where's the meat? I thought this was barbecue! But then again, that might be quite inappropriate in this world, eh? ; 3 ;

Freya gives us a little wave! Hi Freya!

Inside the lodge, Rhys Chocolate is seated in a very comfortable-looking couch.

Looks like the men are having a little bit of afternoon gossip as well. Look at cute Angus Buttercup holding on to the pillow!

Oh, what a lovely afternoon!

I'm sure everyone is enjoying. :)

Until next time!



  1. Lovely photos, glad everyone had a nice time. :)

  2. So --- was it open or closed.
    That part was so confusing xD;;

    1. I later edited it when I found out it's open afterall. Haha. Thus, the strikethrough.XD

  3. Nice photos, I always like to see photos of the figures in a set up, love them. To join the sylvanian club in Japan, must one have a Japanese address or stay in Japan? Thanks.


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