We're Just Taller Children - My New Collection!

Hello everyone! How are you all? Today, I'd like to tell you a little about the new collection I'm starting.

I've always loved crafting and miniatures have been one of my fascinations. As a young girl, I had shoebox dollhouses but never really the real thing. Now that I'm an adult (sort of) and I can afford it, I've finally decided to give in and get myself a dollhouse!

I opted for the Sylvanian Families line. I've always seen those cute little critters at toy stores and would always spend a good few minutes admiring them. So I got myself the Beechwood Hall and the BuckleyRed Deer Family as my first pieces.

I originally intended to DIY everything that goes in the house but I just can't wait to fill it up! ; 3 ;

I did, in fact, do a bit of a diy before I received my package. 

These are soooo cute! Patterns were from a Japanese website right here.

I had to saw wood. It was hard because it was so tiny! In the end, I didn't really use this sofa. It's too pink for me.

The bread and teacup are from Gachapon by the same company making the Sylvanian Families line. I've purchased them before not knowing about this fact!

When my package arrived, I soon began the process of wallpapering the rooms! Here's a before and after.

Before: Plain cream rooms. Mama Deer is baking some cookies.

After: Wallpapered and beautiful!

Here's a more detailed look:


And like I was saying, I couldn't help myself but buy furniture.... It's just so hard to resist! So here's a furnished home:

Here's Mommy Agatha, enjoying an afternoon cup of tea in the kitchen.

Freddie is just playing with his train in the yard.

Maria is doing a bit of light reading in the bedroom.

And Daddy Rupert... Please don't disturb him right now.

And here's a pic of the unfinished living room. This room I plan to DIY all by myself.

So a couple of days passed by and I decided they need neighbors, or AT LEAST a shop. It wouldn't be a town without some other people living in it, would it? And here is the result:

I got myself the friggin' cute bakery set! Hehehehe.

And this shop, is the cutest thing ever!!! I can reuse a lot of the gachapon bread I got from Epoch here. I'm so glad!

I can imagine that this collection will grow bigger... I'm worried about storage. Haha.

See you guys again another time!


Sorry about the low quality pics. They were all taken on my phone!


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