My Sylvanian Kitchen

I think eventually, I'll have to rename my figures and create a backstory for a town and all that... But for now, I want to share with you a newly opened restaurant in my village! ^^

The Sylvanian Kitchen set is actually a long-retired item that was exclusively released in Japan... I obtained it yesterday along with another retired figure, Spencer Maces, a cute little mouse! Yes, I've gone to these waters... I'm doing the I-want-retired-items thing. Someone help me.; 3 ;

My beautiful restaurant!

Of course, I'm still doing a lot of customizing and DIYs. In this picture, you can see a couple of flower beds and some decorative flower arrangements.

Cute Spencer! He is now the proud owner of this little shop.

Seen in the picture above, I have some orange roses and very poorly done wine bottles. I don't have an oven to bake clay with so I can't do polymer clay crafts. T_T

The stove on the side is a piece from a retired kitchen set. The oven that comes with the restaurant is missing. ;( I made the goblet holder just over the stove and the pasta bottles.

The first customers are no other than my lovely Buckley Red Deer couple. Look at them, aren't they adorable? ; 3 ;

I also opted to cover the tables with this cute fabric I found! I think it gave the restaurant a more homey atmosphere. Hehe.

I know I'm indulging quite a bit with this new hobby... but I can't help it. TT_TT Plus, I would really be busier from next month as I'm going to start a new job and that means I would be spending less time doing all these crafting! But I'm glad. It's going to be a new adventure. (*^^*)

Well, that's about it! I hope you guys are finding these dioramas a welcome escape from reality! Haha. See you next time!



  1. I think you did very well in buying that restaurant. It´s absolutely lovely and the way you set it up makes it look even better. I love the flower beds so much!You added very nice details to it, such as the tableclothes (the pattern of the fabric is really nice)and the little things you made: the pasta jars and the holder for the glasses are very cute. Spencer Maces can feel really proud of his restaurant and there is no doubt The Buckleys are enjoying a lovely dinner in such a nice spot!Congrats on your finds!
    By the way, I had a look at some of your past post about SF and you set up lovely scenes. Hope to see more in the future.


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