Ooooh. I'm loving creating scenes with my Sylvanians.

This family loves baked goods. Agatha is making some cookies for the anxious daddy Rupert.

Meanwhile at the bakery, Freya is enjoying a freshly baked cat cookie! Oh, and who is that in the background?

Well it's Agatha, of course! And it looks like she bought some more baked goods?!

Eleanor says thank you to her most-loyal customer.

Hmm... Those bread look great! Let's take a peek inside the bakery!

It looks so enticing...

Look! Someone else is inside.

Oh it's Saffron! What a cute, yellow dress! What could she be buying?

I see a croissant and a bread cone... Hmm.... Delicious!

 What a lovely little bakery! Next time, I'll have to bring some money.

Now where could the children be?

Well... Not in the kitchen, now we know.

Ah, looks like Freddie is with Dad talking about today's events.

And Maria is reading a new book. (AGAIN?! She just LOVES reading!)

I wonder when Mum will get home. I'm sure the family would be happy to eat some pastry from the Brick Oven Bakery. (*^^*)


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