Is Sanrio Puroland the Ultmate Kawaii Destination or What?!

It's been a long time coming, way before the cat cafe and all... but we finally did it! We went to Sanrio Puroland! :'D

Emily and I's first attempt resulted in a closed park and broken hearts (mainly just Emily's) and a visit to a cat cafe instead. Click here to read about that! It was a lot of fun as well and I regret it not. (*^^*)

This time, another friend was able to join us in the form of the very giggly, Yuina. So, it was twice the fun!

Now, I'm just going to put it out there. I arrived there first and before our meet up time. And guess which girls were late? Yeah. The Japanese ones! So much for that reputation, huh, Emily and Yuina? :P Haha!

Two train lines, as far as I know, go to Tama Center. Those are the Odakyu and Keio lines. You'll have to go down there and Puroland shouldn't be too hard to find.

I'm gonna make a wild guess that there aren't any other Hello Kitty Streets in the world.

Behind this is a map of the area. I just thought this was quite adorable. ; 3 ;

When we finally saw each other, we headed off straight away to the theme park.

 I was a bit surprised to see a lot of people coming even though it was a weekday. We came there at opening time, by the way. Come early because the park closes at 5pm!

Guess who was the most excited afterall?

 The park's schedule is pretty irregular, if I may say. So, it's best to check the website for the schedule before coming!

The Japanese website is of course, way cuter, but my readers would benefit more from the English website. So here it is!

Now, I'm not very sure why, but the ticket prices in the Japanese and English version are different. The Japanese website says ¥3,200 but the other one is at ¥3,300.

Look at our adorable tickets! (*^^*)

As a child, I remember having a Little Twin Stars paper doll set. They have always been my faves! This is maybe the reason why I enjoyed the "Kiki and Lala" part of the outing quite a bit!

The entire place was in a pinkish, purplish hue. It's a dream for many girls, I'm sure!


We explored quite a bit and enjoyed shows. But it wasn't long before we got hungry. Haha. :P

This was my food. I got to take home the lunch box! I remember it being at 1,400 yen.

This was Yuina's. She ate Hello Kitty's face off last because she is sadistic like that. :P

This was Emily's. I really wanted to try it as well. ; 3 ; It looked so yummy!

And because I'm only showing you this one picture with Shirousa, you won't believe me when I say that we took TONS of photos with Sanrio Characters! Unlike in Disneyland, where it's almost impossible to get your turn to take a snap with the characters, we were able to take pictures with almost every character we saw!

This very pink carriage was right in front of Hello Kitty's mansion. We were able to meet her and hug her and take a photo with her (but if we wanted to keep it, we have to shell out 1,600 yen for ONE copy. So...)

And we all kept saying to each other it must be MEN inside those bulky costumes... We still cuddled with them anyhow. ; 3 ;

Now would anyone explain to me how Dear Daniel (I had to Google his name, I'm so sorry HK fans!) has hair and Hello Kitty doesn't?!

I know at least one person who would like to see this picture and she was the sole reason I kept looking for Kerokeropi in this place. XD 

It was overall just a super fun day.

I know there aren't enough pictures in this particular blog, we took about 400 pics but I couldn't possibly publish them all!

If you really love Sanrio characters and basically all things cute, I'm sure you will enjoy this place very much, too! Bring along friends for some extra fun!!! (*^^*)



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