The Best Weekend Ever

After a long time, I finally found the perfect night to star gaze once again. I get lots of rainy or cloudy days on my days off so it was really a stroke of luck when I got two consecutive clear days. :)

I wanted to do star trails photography butt I know that I wasn't well equipped and my skill is not enough but we all have to start somewhere! Haha.

We headed off to a less-glamorous part of Tokyo and into the darkness to see the bright, twinkling stars. I read a little about star trails photography and even milky way photography but I didn't have a lot of time that night. I took pictures for around an hour only. ; 3 ;

Next time, I want to stay for a much longer time but I'm afraid we may have to find a new spot because at least a few other people also came that night (like the last time we were there) and the blinding light from their cars ruined my pictures.

Here's the best of them (they're not that good, sorry! I worked with what I had).

The quality seems to have been compromised when I uploaded them. Sorry about that! I want to post better photos next time. ^^

No make up face! Shield your eyes! XD

During this "weekend" I also won this cute little thing from a UFO Catcher. I named him Kiri. Tried so many times, though. TT_TT Why can't I be lucky with these things!

We also got to watch the entire Meet the Parents trilogy, go shopping, and sleep in! I went to meet my boyfriend's mom as well and she is really kind to me. (*^^*) We got to walk her dog, Tiara and to my delight, we visited several pet shops together. I honestly think it was one of the best weekends ever. Haha. <3 

See you again next time! (*^^*)


  1. Wow! I'm so glad you had this kind of weekend! Stay awesome! God bless.


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