Into the Woods (or the Safari)

本当に本当に本当にライオンだ! (It's really, really, really, really a lion!)

That was the theme song of the day. I didn't know about the funny TV Commercial Jingle the park had before that day. But the lyrics are really funny if you understand how senseless it really is. lol

Anyway, I waited a month before we finally went to the Fuji Safari Park. It was almost cancelled because I caught a cold but I definitely wanted to go so... I got it my way. Haha.

A few weeks before that, I registered for a discount card at their website. Because of that, we got a 600 yen discount on each ticket. Processing and delivery of the discount card takes about two weeks so if you don't have a permanent address or won't be staying for more than two weeks in Japan, I don't think you can get it. The registration is also in Japanese.

Regular admission cost is as follows:

Adults (high school students and older) 2,700yen
Children (ages 4 to junior high school students) 1,500yen
Senior discount (ages 65 and older) 2,000yen
  • For groups of 15 or more : Adults 2,000yen / Children 1,000yen
  • Rates for persons with disabilities : Visitors with disabilities are admitted at half price. (Please be ready to present your disability certificate)
  • Parking is free.

I don't think that's too bad! You can bring your own car to the vicinity or book a tour with the safari bus. :)

We took a car there. I just think it would give me more time to take pictures. :P But if you  take the safari bus, they will feed the lions during the course so you can REALLY see them up-close!

 Here are some photos I took! ^_^

Just goats lazing around... :D

Beautiful zebras chowing!

A handsome brown bear.

A lioness on a tree.

A giraffe posing for the camera.

This is a gazelle, isn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong! They would casually cross the street as people drove by. It's amusing!

A curious wallaby.

A horse ready for a race! :)

The park is divided into "safari zones" so you won't see lions hunting the giraffes. I'm kinda curious as to how that would look like but it's better this way, I suppose. :P

There's also a part of the park called the Animal Village where you can pet dogs, cats or bunnies (for an extra 500 yen each). I naturally gravitated towards the "House of Dogs" because I love doggies!

Doubutsu Mura (Animal Village).


The moment I sat down, a cute black poodle cuddled up to me and sat on my lap. So adorable! There are many, many dogs that would just sit on your lap when you sit down or call upon them. :) I was so happy. Hahaha.

I had to try hard not to squeeze the life out of this fluffy little dog. It's too cute! TT_TT 

Shetland Sheepdogs aren't mean to be lap dogs... This one didn't really sit on anybody's lap but would go for pets and cuddles. Look how beautiful he is!

This tiny Chihuahua is a real treat. I have sort of a negative image about Chihuahua being snippy and having the small dog syndrome... But this one was just lovely!

 There were many other dog breeds and they were all so friendly. There was a corgi but he was so lazy and I couldn't cuddle with him. Haha!

It was so sad when it was time to leave. :( I really enjoyed Fuji Safari Park! I think a lot of tours to Japan include an itinerary to view Mt. Fuji (you can see Mt. Fuji from this park!) so it would be a good idea to drop by this place, too!

Have you ever been to Fuji Safari Park? Please leave a link to your blog below!

If not, do you wanna go? What animal do you want to see?(*^^*)

Thank you for reading and see you all next time!



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