A Trip Down Memory Lane

I adore the idea of watching movies in a parking lot, swing skirts, bulb-lit signs and vanities and those really cute Coca-Cola bottles that we don’t see these days anymore. Simply put, I’m really fascinated with old things.

If you’re like me and have a liking for anything remotely vintage-looking or retro, there’s one place I know that you might be interested in going to!

Yokota is an air force base located in Fussa City, Tokyo. Outside of said base is a long street filled with interesting little shops. Most of them are retro-themed, selling trinkets from a time gone by. There are antique bottle openers, birthday cards, posters, Happy Meal toys, clocks and even warfare equipment (I’m guessing the bullet shells and the bombs are empty).

I explored most of the shops and found myself immersed in the spectacle that was around me. It was unlike any other experience I’ve had. I felt like I was transported back in time and I was in the 50s. What a day!

It was only right to end the day eating at a cute hamburger shop reminiscent of a classic American restaurant. I, of course, enjoyed a classic American meal with a burger, fries and a glass of Coca-Cola. I think I’ll be back again.

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