A Cat Cafe in Japan

Another one ticked off my list of cafes to visit. (*^^*)

A few weeks ago, I posted about my visit to an Owl Cafe. Today, I want to share pictures of my visit to the more popular animal cafe, a Cat Cafe!

Online research would lead you to a number (and by number, I mean a HUGE number) of cat cafes around Tokyo. I was the most interested in this one because of it's whimsical interior.

The shop's name is Temari no Ouchi (but it's interchangeable to Kinoko no Ouchi, and I think any other cats residing in the cafe, I believe!) which stands for Temari's House.

You'll have to shell out about 1200 yen but the awesome thing is, you don't have to pay by the hours, you can stay there for as long as you want! I thought that was awesome considering there was an hourly rate for both the Rabbit Cafe and Owl Cafe that I visited.

The downside is, there could be more patrons than residents (cats) at one time. We visited on a Wednesday and needless to say, it was a full house.

It was overall still a very relaxing experience, though. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Most of the cats were very well behaved. The cutest one was a Munchkin, but I don't think it likes being touched. It tried to nip me more than once. lol My favorite is Kinoko. I have a thing for animals with squished faces, I guess. Haha.

Enough with the talking, enjoy the cats! (*^^*)

The entrance is a really cute, door with a little door for cats. The little door doesn't really open but it's still so damn cute!

There are three cottages where you can stay in if you go with a large group.

Just doing what cats do best. :))

And of course, I take the first selfie of the day with a sleeping cat. :D

A random fuzzy, fluffy, furry thing.

This is Temari. The house master. She's probably one of the first cats in the facility.

Y U so cute?!
As you can see in the background, most guests are assigned to low tables around the cafe.

Kinoko doesn't seem too happy about our selfie but Emily and I certainly are. HAHAHA

There are two doors when entering the cafe and this is the door that leads you to ze cats. 

Japanese establishments and all the thought and detail they put into the interior never fail to baffle me. Just. Too. Cute.

This cat was forced to wear a Santa suit. But I'm sure it's not so bad plus it's super warm, too. XD

This is the little devil that tried to bite me. Don't get fooled by its doe eyes!!! XDDD
I'm sure she was just being playful and meant no harm.
Also notice the door behind her that says "Staff Only" and there's a little door again. So cute right?!

This one has "Don't bother me." written all over it's face.
All right boss, we're leaving! 

I really did enjoy Temari no Ouchi and would recommend it if you want to visit a cat cafe. It's in a town called Kichijoji in Tokyo and you'd have to go down Kichijoji Station and walk a little. It wasn't so hard to find, I think! Haha.(*^^*)

Anyway, see you all again next time.




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