An Owl Cafe in Japan

Hi guys! How are you all doing? Today, I want to share my experience on visiting an owl cafe in Japan. ^ ^

A month ago, I visited a Rabbit Cafe, which I was unable to blog about (but if you wanna read about it, please tell me and I'll try to make a post). On my last day off, I visited an avian one. Haha! I love animals and owls are one of the creatures I've been fascinated about. I have a collection of owl items back in the Philippines but it didn't really grow so big.

It was a rainy, weekday afternoon on my visit so I was hoping there would be a few customers.

The shop we visited was in Shonan-dai in Kanagawa.

When you look through the window, you can already tons of owls waiting! Upon entering, you will be asked to wipe your hands with a wet tissue and apply medicated lotion on. We were asked to keep on our shoes.

We were the first customers of that day! I was so happy because I'm greedy and I want all the owls to myself. :P Eventually, around three groups of customers came in, though. :(

Hoot, hoot!

 After we were given instructions on how to properly handle the owls...

At first, we were hesitant to come so close...

But of course, that didn't last. :P

Not if super adorable faces like this look you straight in the eye! 

Then you'll just have so much fun going around and petting these wonderful creatures... and you'll be able to relax. 

There are many owls in the shop so you're bound to find your favorite!

There were small ones...

Mid-sized ones...

and HUGE ones, too! :)

This cute little owl was quite shy. :)

This one's named Ao. She's super, duper lovely!

Dokin seems to be a favorite in the shop though, because he's the smallest (plus super friendly too!)

But Usa's my favorite. She had rabbit-like ears (horns) and I'm guessing that's how she got her name.

In our short amount of time together, we've become best friends. lol

And had some really serious talks...(not really)

Here we are smiling for the camera! *^ ^* 

If I remember it right, we paid 1800 for an hour of stay. You can have an owl perch on your arm or shoulder for three minutes. If you want ANOTHER owl to perch on you, you need to pay an extra 300 yen. But of course, you can pet all of the owls to your heart's content. *^ ^*

Visiting an owl cafe was quite a unique experience. It was quite relaxing. I was kinda worried, though. I know owls are usually asleep in the day time and are awake at night... I was thinking that some of them might still be sleepy. Hahaha. ; 3 ;

Have you visited an owl cafe before? Tell me about it! Where was it and how was your experience? 

Until our next adventure!!!

Xoxo, Jona


  1. I've heard from some friends about an owl cafe but never actually been to one. Maybe on my next vacation I should definitely try it out. It looks like so much fun and due I really like owls I guess it would be totally my thing!

    1. I think it's something you should try at least once. They're fascinating. It's not everywhere in the world that you get owl cafes.

      Do visit one next time! :)


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