The Past Three Months

The past three months have been a blast. ^^ Here are some of the pictures I've taken during the last three months.

With Lyca, Marilou and Kosuke! :) Off to Disney Sea!

One of the most popular attractions there is the Tower of Terror!
I didn't really see anything when I got on it because I just kept my eyes shut. ^^;

Went to Tama Zoological Park! :'D see koalas, mainly... but I actually loved the Lesser Panda so much more. XD

And I got my first-ever omikuji in Japan here! :D

My first kaiten sushi!

The enthralling beauty of Miyagase Dam... It's a fake lake. ; 3 ; It's at least artificially made!

I learned what komorebi is.

Met with Hiroaki and his fiance in Saitama.

Decided to preserve memories.

Made my own cup of noodles.

Met sea animals.

Experience rating: 10/10


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