In Japan

I've been so busy since I got here that I didn't really have time to blog. Well, I've got some free time right now and I can write something. ^^

It's been 11 days since I got here. My friends and co-workers say that I was able to adjust quite quickly and that's probably because Japan was how I imagined it to be. I've talked with so many Japanese people during my stay in my previous company that most of the things I see around me seem so familiar--the bicycles, the students in uniform, the kind people.

I feel so blessed to have come during Spring time when the wind is not bitter cold nor hot and scorching like in my home-country. I'm also able to witness the beauty that Cherry Blossoms are. I've enjoyed o'hanami so many times since there's a woman's university in front of my workplace with lots of cherry blossom trees, but I just never seem to tire of it!

Today is quite rainy, though. The fragile petals of the pink flowers are slowly falling off... It's a sad and beautiful thing at the same time.

I'm trying to enjoy every moment here in Japan, I want to stay for a long time, afterall. :) I do miss my family though. There are things I did in the Philippines that  I can't do anymore. But there are also so many new things to try here so I guess it's fine!


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