It's Happening!

Many weeks later, I'm back with a blog post. It's happening! I'm finally going to Japan this month (granted all things go through without any troubles, but we don't want to be negative, do we?)!

I've waited for a long time for this, so even if I know I'll be quite sad not seeing my family for a year or so, I'm still very excited and very eager to get started with it all.

To tell you the truth, it still hasn't settled in. I know I'll be leaving and that I have around three weeks left to spend here in the Philippines, but somehow, I haven't had that feeling I should be feeling now that I'm about to leave. It will come when I have a few days left, I suppose!

My friends told me to start packing already but I think that three weeks is still a long way to go! Packing is actually stressing me out--PAL has given me a baggage allowance of 2x50lbs (22.66 kg) and based on my travel experiences before, I can easily load my medium-sized luggage with 20 kgs of weight! Those are for travels less than a week, I'll be staying in Japan for a minimum of a year. ; 3 ; I asked my airline if I can bring one luggage over 50lbs instead and they said I can't. So I'll be lugging around TWO bags over 20 kilos, a hand-carry around 7 kilos, my laptop bag and a handbag. I can't even imagine how I'll manage that! TT_TT


Anyhow, I really can't wait until I have all the documents I need and just wait for the time for me to leave. I don't like putting things off, honestly. I want everything done as soon as I can, so all the waiting is also stressing me out. I get stressed out quite easily. lol But even so, it's also really easy for me to de-stress. So, I've got that going for me, which is nice. :'D

Today, if my documents from Japan arrive, I'll apply for my VISA. Tomorrow, I take my medical exam. Next Monday, I'm hoping I already have my VISA and my medical certificate so I can go to Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA). It's the final step and I can not wait to get it over with!

On my last week in the Philippines, I just wish to enjoy it with my friends and family who I likely won't see for quite a bit of time.

Goodbyes are sad. But I have a big adventure in front of me, and I'm doing this not only for myself but for my family as well.

Wish me luck, ok? Better yet, pray for me!



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  2. Hi!i hope mabasa mo ung comment ko regarding sya sa processing ng PoL0.tanong ko lang ilang months po ba usually ang processing time dec.21,2017 sya pinasok ng employer ko sa japan till now january at mag expired na ang coe ko wala pa rin?un na lang ang hinhnty ng agency para ma process na dito sa POEA tpos sabi fly na!pang 2 times ko na inapply ung coe ko kasi lastym na expired.sana po mkahingi ng suggestion.salamat po GBY.


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