The Employment Process Going To Japan for Direct Hires

Last Update: September 12 , 2018

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Hi guys! Something useful for people wanting to work in Japan. I personally was not able to find any consolidated information online that explains the process, so I thought this would be a useful post.

Please do note that everything I wrote here were based on MY EXPERIENCES and I am, by no means, an expert on this subject. :)

Please also note that I DO NOT KNOW THE PROCESS ON THE OTHER SIDE. Meaning I don't know what my hiring company did. Everything written here is what I did on my side only.

The process involves the following:
1. Getting a CoE (Certificate of Eligibility)
2. Getting a VISA
3. Processing your Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) at the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA)

Getting a COE
The first step involves the most waiting time. It's said the processing of the COE can take up to three months. I personally had to wait a month for mine. We filed for a COE  February 2nd and my COE was released March 3.

I had to send the following ORIGINAL documents to Japan:
1. Certification of Graduation (For as many courses you took. I'm an RN and also a teacher so I had to submit two certificates)
2. Diploma (For as many courses you took)
3. Transcript of Records (TOR)
4. Original PRC license
5. Certificate of Authentication of your PRC license
6. NSO Birth Certificate
7. Curriculum Vitae
8. Original Passport
9. Work Contract (Two copies. Signed. All pages. This should have been previously sent to you by your employer)

All of this will be verified by Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO).

My documents were sent via EMS on March 4 and arrived at my house March 10th.

Getting a VISA
On the same day I received my CoE, I headed straight to the travel agency.

Things I brought:
1. Passport
2. CoE
3. Birth Certificate

If you are married, you also need to bring a marriage certificate. I got my VISA March 17th.

Medical Certificate
One of the requirements for processing in POEA is a medical certificate. I opted to have mine taken before going to POEA to save time. On March 11th, the day after I got my COE, I went to a clinic for my medical check-up.

Monday, March 16, I received my Medical Certificate saying I was "fit to work." On March 17, I got a text message from my travel agency and got my VISA. On March 18, I went to POEA and was scheduled for a PDOS seminar the next day. I finished EVERYTHING March 19th.

So, all in all, the process took me 9 days to complete from the moment I got my COE! That was quite fast, right?

Here is a timeline so you can picture it clearer:

Feb 2 --- My employer submmited my documents (and the company's documents) for CoE
Mar 3 --- My CoE was released
Mar 4 --- CoE and other documents sent via EMS
Mar 10 --- I got my CoE, applied for VISA
Mar 11 --- Took medical exam
Mar 16 --- Received medical certificate
Mar 17 --- Received VISA
Mar 18 --- Went to POEA
Mar 19 --- Finished the POEA process

QUESTIONS you may be asking! :)

Q: How much money is needed?
A: Aside from the payments needed for my documents, here is a breakdown of my expenses:
2500 | VISA application - (Reli Tours & Travel at Mega Mall, for other accredited agencies, go here.)
1100  |Medical Exam - (Angelina Apostol-Punzalan Medical Clinic, Inc., for a list of accredited clinics and hospitals, go here.)
8027 | POEA Fees. This one varies depending on the exchange rate

Total: 11,627 php

Q: When did you buy your air ticket?
A: I bought mine early in March because my boss wants me to come for Sakura season (and this is a peak season). BUT it's advisable you buy your plane ticket AFTER the POEA process so you don't have to pay Travel Tax and Terminal Fee (you will have to present the OEC you will be getting from POEA). If your company is buying for you, then no need to worry! Haha. :)

Q: What documents did your employer send you along with your CoE?
A: Aside from my CoE, I received most of the documents I sent to them (which were checked by POLO) and a copy of my contract (verified by POLO).

Q: Can my contract be in Japanese?
A: No. POEA employees must be able to read and understand the contents of your contract to approve it. At the same time, you should have been able to understand what your contract says before signing.

Q: What did you bring to POEA?
A: My passport with VISA and CoE, Medical Certificate, employment contract in Japanese and/or English, verified by POLO, and with appropriate signatures/name stamps on all pages (plus photocopies of all of these).

Q: Can you explain more about the POEA process?
A: I found a blog that explained this really well. Here's the link!

Q: COE? OEC?A: They are different. You get your COE (Certificate of Eligibility) from the Japanese government. Your OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) comes from POEA.

Just an additional tip: I went to POEA around noon time, so my PDOS was scheduled for the next day. If your destination is not the Middle East, PDOS is only in the morning at 9:00. The afternoon session is for people going to the countries in the Middle East only. So, come to POEA early (7am or 8am) and you might just finish it in one day!

That's all for now!

Feel free to ask questions below and I try my best to answer. Please do note that I'm answering you based on my experience and I'm a NAME HIRE or DIRECT HIRE. I didn't go under an agency. ^^

God bless! :)


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It's Happening!

Many weeks later, I'm back with a blog post. It's happening! I'm finally going to Japan this month (granted all things go through without any troubles, but we don't want to be negative, do we?)!

I've waited for a long time for this, so even if I know I'll be quite sad not seeing my family for a year or so, I'm still very excited and very eager to get started with it all.

To tell you the truth, it still hasn't settled in. I know I'll be leaving and that I have around three weeks left to spend here in the Philippines, but somehow, I haven't had that feeling I should be feeling now that I'm about to leave. It will come when I have a few days left, I suppose!

My friends told me to start packing already but I think that three weeks is still a long way to go! Packing is actually stressing me out--PAL has given me a baggage allowance of 2x50lbs (22.66 kg) and based on my travel experiences before, I can easily load my medium-sized luggage with 20 kgs of weight! Those are for travels less than a week, I'll be staying in Japan for a minimum of a year. ; 3 ; I asked my airline if I can bring one luggage over 50lbs instead and they said I can't. So I'll be lugging around TWO bags over 20 kilos, a hand-carry around 7 kilos, my laptop bag and a handbag. I can't even imagine how I'll manage that! TT_TT


Anyhow, I really can't wait until I have all the documents I need and just wait for the time for me to leave. I don't like putting things off, honestly. I want everything done as soon as I can, so all the waiting is also stressing me out. I get stressed out quite easily. lol But even so, it's also really easy for me to de-stress. So, I've got that going for me, which is nice. :'D

Today, if my documents from Japan arrive, I'll apply for my VISA. Tomorrow, I take my medical exam. Next Monday, I'm hoping I already have my VISA and my medical certificate so I can go to Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA). It's the final step and I can not wait to get it over with!

On my last week in the Philippines, I just wish to enjoy it with my friends and family who I likely won't see for quite a bit of time.

Goodbyes are sad. But I have a big adventure in front of me, and I'm doing this not only for myself but for my family as well.

Wish me luck, ok? Better yet, pray for me!



Thanks a lot for reading my blog. Please tell me what you think about this post~ I always enjoy reading your comments!

However, unrelated comments will be deleted. Please understand! (^^)