Liz Lisa Fukubukuro 2015 (Liz Lisa 福袋2015)

Image taken from the official Liz Lisa FB page.

It's that time of the year!

Yesterday, Liz Lisa announced pre-orders for the 2015 fukubukuro or lucky bag. Is it just me or are trunks getting more and more expensive each year? :'D

The 2015 bags are pretty but I prefer the 2014 ones. On top of the regular trunk, they also have a mini-trunk this year. It's SUPER cute but I don't know if it will be of any use to me. >///<

It's likely that I will go to Japan next year (crossing my fingers and praying hard!) but it's a shame it won't be on time for me to get fukubukuros. Next year, maybe! :P

I'm actually thinking of getting JugeETTA this year instead. I don't know.

Sad thing is, unlike last year, we don't get to see "actual" items in the announcement. They tell us what each bag may contain (like, they will say it will have a one piece inside and this and that) but no pictures. :(

Last year, I was eager to buy because I know I'd like the contents! >///<

Here is a low-res image of some of the options this year!

The mini-trunk is so cute!
If you notice, a My Melody trunk will also be available! :D

I'm actually more interested in the web-limited fukubukuro though. It's slightly more expensive but... I like it simpler like this.

But maybe I'll just get JugeETTA this year. Their trunk looks similar to the Liz Lisa web-limited one but it's in "lavender" color. Last year's color is better too, imo. :<

Soooo which ones are you guys wanting to get?:)


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