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Hello you guys! Surprise post. Haha. :D

I've recently been on to something. So here I am!

Ar you guys familiar with corsets? They began becoming popular in 16th century Europe and saw it's Golden Age in the Victorian era (I'm very interested in the Victorian era fashion). Most people don't use corsets anymore, of course. But during that time, men and women used it to "shape" their bodies. To this day, the corset still exists, not as popular, but it still is around! :D

Ever wondered how they were voluptuous and have a small waist at the same time? Yep. Corsets.
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Besides shaping the body, the corset is known to help with posture. I have terrible posture and usually sit with a slouch. And this is the reason why I decided to buy one. On top of that, I get a really good silhouette under my clothes, right? :'D

It is my first ever corset so even though I watched hours of YouTube videos and read extensively about corsets online, I know there would be some bumps on the road.

I'm expecting my new steel-boned  corset to arrive today or tomorrow so look forward to a new post soon. I'll give you more details!

I thought I'd share this experience with you guys. Let me know if you guys are interested in corsets too!

She looks mighty fabulous!
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