Short update. Just wanna share my happiness to you all!

Some four years ago, I passed the licensure exam to become a nurse. Today, a couple of friends broke the news to me while I was watching Buzzfeed videos on Youtube. Haha. It's official. I'm now a licensed teacher. :)

51 working days after I took the exam, a lot longer than what they usually take (which is less than 40 days), the results have finally been released!

I had been more and more anxious as the days passed. I worry a bit (we don't wanna worry so much now, do we?) about my future now... After all, I've just turned 25. ; 3 ;

This is a life-changing event for me. A lot of things that will come in my future depended on whether I passed or not. There is still one more hurdle to jump but I've prayed and prayed that this is what is meant for me and I believe I can make it!

I'm sorry for being so vague right now! I will tell you all what this is all about when I have a 100% confirmation (but I already claim it WILL happen REALLY SOON).

And when I get to that point, I promise you I will blog more.

Let's still keep in touch, ok? :P


Oh, and just this once, I'll let you see how I look like when I'm just at home. HAHA. I'm that happy!

This is from my webcam.XD


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