Hello there. I'm sorry for the long absence. This seems to be the way I start my blog posts recently... Haha. But to tell you guys the truth, I haven't really found the time to be writing about every day life.

I just turned 25 years old. Wow. That should be about half my lifetime already (hoping it's 1/3 or 1/4 of course).

This year, I didn't spend my birthday on a trip. It's a bit strange because the last three years, I've always been "somewhere." But this is a welcome change.

I miss my family.

Yes, I spend every single day of my life with them but I realized I never really appreciated that.

I spent my birthday with the people closest to my heart and that's just great and refreshing. :)

Anyway, curious what I did?!

On my big day, I went for a full leg wax for no reason...XD I had two technicians work on me. Omg. Am I that hairy? lol No (I hope not!), but I realized one of them seemed to be a trainee. And being the good person that I am, I didn't say anything nor complain. :P

I also tried my best to get myself a copy of the Sims 4, to no avail. I have played the Sims since the first release and I just absolutely love the game!

I will hopefully be playing that soon! :P

The highlight, however, is the day after when I finally got a new laptop after MONTHS of not having one. I had to share the desktop with my brother who hogs it all the time... So I was really happy to finally get a new one!

Take a look!

Anyway. I hope to catch up with you guys another time! (I really hope I find more time to blog).

Take care! :)



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