We're Moving!

I've moved more than several times in my lifetime--let me count, 4 times. This move will be the 5th! It's always been the same city though... but not this time. In fact, the place I'm moving at, is not even a city at all. Haha. It's not like it's totally trees and fields though. I don't think there are still fields there. :P

Anyway, I'm actually looking forward to moving! It's always great to start fresh. Yes, yes, it's troublesome... but it's also exciting. Don't you think? The prospect of having a brand new life--new people to meet, new place, new everything! That's great to me. :) I hate it when life becomes so monotonous. So changes are always welcome to me. :)

It will still be a few days before the move but before that, all must be prepared right? This Friday, I'll go there with my mom and brother to paint a little and make a few adjustments. ;)

I've always shared my room with a family member but this time I can have my own! Yay. How exciting is that?! In fact, I've already semi-chosen (not really, you know how indecisive I am. Hahaha) the palette for my room-to-be.

How do you like the following color schemes?

From idulgy.com
From sabpa.com

Which one do you like best? :P Any other color scheme suggestions?

I'm thinking to pair "blue" with a another color or two. I doubt my room will look at lovely as the ones above but colors should make it pretty! OMG. Can't wait to decorate. ; 3 ;



  1. Hello Ja . It's nice girl's room. there are many bright collers .. it matches with your mood . Hummmm.

    1. I love the colors too! ^^ Don't most Japanese use neutral colors in their rooms?

  2. Why not gold? Gold suits you best. :D

    1. You think so? Why gold? I like that color too but it might be too flashy! :D

  3. blue/yellow or blue/pink color combination will fit to your cute personality :)


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