Thailand 2014 - Asiatique

WARNING: Picture dump!

Hello! Finally on to the next post about Thailand. So sorry for the *cough* delay! :D

Today's post is about Asiatique. :) I think this is a pretty new place in Bangkok. One of our students recommended that we go here. I also wanted to go here because of the ice cream mochi. I have never had Yukimi Daifuku and I really want to try it... So this will do for now! It's a similar thing. Hehe. (*^^*)

From the Grand Palace, we rode a Tuktuk to go to a ferry/boat terminal. :) We were dropped off here:

Smelled fishy, of course! :D

You can obviously tell this is a tourist place. :P Remember to "BEWARE HEAD!"  I wonder if there's a dangerous head here somewhere!!! And what is it a head of? :O

There are actually a lot of locals and tourists using this service~!

A view while on the ride. :)

We got off the last "port" and Asiatique was a few minutes walk away. We got a little lost though so it took longer than it should. :P

Alley cat.

And here we are!!! :D When we arrived there, 90% of the shops were closed. It was about 3pm. ; 3 ;
So, DO NOT go there so early. 5pm is a good time!

We were so, so hungry as we haven't had lunch. We went around and looked at the shops that were already open. We ended up at MK. Apparently, it's a popular restaurant chain in Thailand! :)

Yum. :)


I looooove dumplings!

Oh my... I'm getting hungry. :(

Service was quick. Food was great! And the price is not too much at all. :)
VERDICT: Will come back!

They also give you a reminder of how much fatter you got after you ate there. HAHAHA.

Since there was nothing else to do, we took some shots. ^^

My, elephants can be really so heavy!

Lai looking around. You can see a lot of the shops are still closed!

What to bring home as omiyage?

And we found it! :)

Kanemochi is a play on word, for those of you readers who are neither my students nor speak Japanese. Kanemochi means "rich." :)

Mochi on a stick! How adorable! The shop staff also posed with us. :P I wanna eat one of these now! :(

There was a puppeteer/street performer at the center of Asiatique. I enjoyed many minutes watching him!

This adorable little girl was a great fan.

I saw her getting nearer...

And nearer! :D So cute! (*^^*)

We didn't do much after. ; 3 ; But for some shopping and food, Asiatique seems like a good place to visit! They also have a Ferris wheel/ observation wheel if you are interested! :)

See you another time!



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