Mordecai Came Home

Cutie patootie! :)

10 days ago, I was finally able to bring my pup home. It had been a long wait before I could get him, and it was worth it! :)

It was September last year when I first posted about my interest in getting a dog. But it was long before that when I first wanted to get one. I think I've posted something similar to what I'm getting at right now in a previous blog post right here.

Owning a dog is a CHALLENGE. But of course, I knew about that long before I decided to get a dog. I'd like to teach him tricks but we are having some difficulties right now. lol

Mordy is a very energetic dog! Oh right! His name is Mordecai (you know, from one of the key characters in the book of Esther). I thought that's a pretty cool name for such a cute dog. No offense but cutesy dog names are not my cup of tea. Hehe. I know lots of people name their dogs that way though. ^^;

Well, I know what you guys really want, THE PICTURES, so I'll just shut up now and give the floor to Mordy! :)

He's perfect. I even like how his nose isn't all black. Haha. That little quirk is beautiful to me. <3

Mr. Poop Monster

There you go. I do have a lot more pics but I think I'll leave you with these ones first! ^^ Okay now, I already got a dog. Must get a boyfriend next. lol



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