Thailand 2014 - The Grand Palace

Wall mural. It looks like a map of the place. :)

Our next stop is the Grand Palace. It's a huge complex of beautiful architectural structures. The entrance fee is 500 baht. :P I know you wanted to know that right away. XD

It's a HUGE place. I'm not kidding you. We had several stops during our stay here... But that might be because it was smoldering hot that day!!!

Upon entry, you will be given several tickets. It was so hot that day that we weren't really able to use all those tickets... we were too beat up to try to find out where all the places to use those tickets were. We were also given a map. The map is quite necessary. Like I've mentioned earlier, the place is HUGE. :| Bring an umbrella!!!

Everything was beautiful though...

The entire place was enthralling...

Here we were on our first "stop" at the Grand Palace.

Ram and Lai were trying to figure out where we were.

There were so many people that I couldn't take a photo without the rest of the people in it. :D

The details.


My shoe almost broke on the way so I had to buy a new pair of slippers.

I'll just let you enjoy some more pictures of the place. :)

We had to try. They were sour. XD

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I'm so sorry this post is a bit hurried! :) See you soon. :)



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