Thailand 2014 - Wat Po

 WARNING: Picture Heavy

Day 2 Obligatory Train Station Shot. Ann... Senya na. Yung hat ko. Haha. :D

Today, we had the plan to go to the temples Wat Po, Wat Arun and the Grand Palace. However, we were able to visit only two. 

Train cars are big, spacious and clean. Also not that crowded! :)

We went down Phaya Thai station and rode the taxi from there going to Wat Po. We were expecting that there would be restaurants around the area but all we found were street vendors and this one, side-street shop.

Staff preparing our breakfast.

This kind of thing is not uncommon to the Philippines so I wasn't really scared of trying it. A lot of tourists, however, might feel like this will not pass any sanitation inspection. And yes, it wouldn't... but who cares. Haha. :D

So. Effin. Delicious. And we only had to pay 50 baht for it!

After filling our stomachs, we headed straight for Wat Po--the place where the gigantic Leaning Buddha is!

You can hire a tour guide at Wat Po for less than 500 baht a person (can't remember the exact price, sorry!). I listened in, of course. Hohohoho.

Entrance fee is only 100 baht--with free bottled water and 1-hour wifi! Hehe. <3 

And you guys know me, I take a picture of every little thing... but that day, I forgot to take a picture of something REALLY important.

Took a pic of this. Don't touch mother of pearl. OK. It was a bit funny... So I did!

Even took a pic of something silly like this. No, I do not know that woman! Haha!

I pulled out my camera to capture this.
People were putting coins in a line of pots (?). Somebody told me it was for good luck or they can make a wish after.

And oh! I took a photo of the back of the Buddha's head! Awesome right. First photo like this on the internet maybe.

Took a photo of the backside of the Buddha too, just in case people are curious!

But... What did I forget? I forgot to take a picture of the friggin' face. ; 3 ; fml I did take a hideous selfy picture of me and the girls with the Buddha in the background... But that was about it. TT_TT

Anyway, Wat Po was quite enthralling! I love how the structures are so much different from the religious places we have in my country. Really shows you how different cultures can be. Everything was new and magical to me... ; 3 ;

Just a random picture of me. Thanks for snapping, Lai! :P I look awkward. As usual.

And fish! How can you NOT take a picture of fishies?!

The structure where the Leaning Buddha is was really beautiful. There are no other words to describe it.

So beautiful and colorful and... just... lovely. But that's a synonym of beautiful, right? Haha. XD

Pretty girls. <3

If our tummy can be filled by colors, I'm sure after Wat Po, you won't have to eat for the rest of the day.

Now before going, we visited the souvenir shop (where you know, everything is overpriced.)

The same things can be bought just outside of the temple. I didn't really ask how much but I bet way cheaper than the prices inside. Haha!

Before going, we also found a booth that gives away free water bottles to tourists and visitors. Near that area, you can also ask for a password to their wifi. That's pretty cool. In most tourist areas, there aren't really any wifi. I guess people nowadays like to check in everywhere so Wat Po management thought having wifi within the premises is a good idea. AND THEY ARE RIGHT! Haha. :D

Anyway, I'll be posting about the Grand Palace soon. See you! :)



  1. buti napansin mo din n wala kang pic ng muka nya hahahah


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