Thailand 2014 - Getting There + Chatuchak

WARNING: Picture-heavy. :)

The day to go to Bangkok finally came! It was a long awaited trip as my last out-of-the-country was May last year. My adventures are chronicled in blog posts starting here. Haha. :)

Here have a taste of our unmade-up face!

Our flight time was at 9-something but we had to go there around 6am so we can reserve seats that are next to each other. 
PAL food. I often really like what they serve on board the plane. The return flight though, I couldn't eat anything. I'll tell you more about it on another post. XD

Welcome to BKK! :)

A photo of a person taking a photo. How do you call this? OOOO-ception. Photo-ception? Like that?!

Right after we arrived, we wanted to exchange our money. If you are not exchanging a big amount of money, I honestly think it's fine to exchange money at the airport. The trouble of getting on a taxi and travelling to a shop with a better exchange rate is not worth it. I checked and checked and checked for the best exchange rates at the airport before going. Kasikorn has the best one. Bank of Thailand would have had a better exchange rate at that time if they had a branch at the airport, but no. :(

After exchanging money at Kasikorn, we rode the non-stop train going to Phaya Thai station. The token was 90 baht.

Our hotel wasn't difficult to find. After getting off Phaya Thai station, we transferred to the BTS going to Phra Kanong. I'm not really sure about the spelling of the places. :D

Daily obligatory shot at the train station. This pic was taken going to Chatuchak market. To go there, you must go down Mo Chit station.

BTS is not cheap. If you have three or more people in your party, I think it's way better going anywhere by taxi. If you are just one person though it's good to take the BTS. :)

Such a cute card!!! <3 The rabbit card can be used for the BTS or MRT stations and are even accepted in some shops including 7/11. It's similar to Hong Kong's Octopus card or Singapore's EZ-Link card.

First buys in Chatuchak! Ram is buying some cute socks. :P

We didn't really eat this... But... :P

A short walk around the market and we already got so tired!!! The temperature in BKK is so high. ; 3 ; We've barely bought anything before we needed to stop to eat. :P

 A stranger took this photo for us. Thank you, random stranger! At least we have a photo that isn't a selfie. lol

Please read this.

There were many things to feed our eyes with in Chatuchak. If you aren't a local though, they give you high prices. And, I kinda know my prices. lol

And then there was this old man drawing/painting on the street. I wish I had asked him to draw me. lol

Pretty icecream. ; 3 ;

I bought this one--cheesecake flavor. It had a yogurt-y taste. 80 baht though. I almost forgot to pay because we were busy taking pictures. lol It's a good thing Thai people are easy-going and light-hearted! The staff asked for payment after I've walked a few steps away already. lol

Accessories? Never bought any though. lol I'm not really one to wear a lot of accessories.

I bought a dress there and payed 500 baht. The dress was only 100 baht but I honestly thought I paid 100 only... The vendor kindly called after me to give me my change. Thai people really amazed me. ; 3 ; Aren't they awesome?!

We rested at this park after shopping.

At 6pm, everybody stood up and froze. I was already standing up at that time but I was so confused as to why everybody else stood up. ; 3 ; My friends were also confused, I think. Haha. We later found out that at 6pm, they play/sing their national anthem to honor the King. They love the King in Thailand very much. His picture was everywhere!!! :D

Look at those tired faces. lol We were trying to figure out how to go to Khaosan Road from Mo Chit. A lot of people couldn't speak English very well so it was a bit of a struggle. We did find a few people who can speak some English though. Go to younger people. They are more likely able to help you. ^^;

So many pigeons! Some ladies rented out picnic mats and sold bread crumbs to feed to the pigeons with.

I'm short and stout... TT_TT

After asking some "policemen" and them trying to communicate which buses we can ride to Khaosan, we ended up asking a group of younger people how to go there. They can communicate at least. ; 3 ;

The bus ride was soooo long and we weren't sure whether we have reached the destination yet or not... so I asked one of the passengers. He just asked me a confused face but he did try to help, asking the other passengers as well. A lady jumped in on the conversation (thank God because she spoke English!) and told us we were still 30-minutes away. Mo Chit to Khaosan is not nearby. Your map is lying.

Khaosan! :D Lively and noisy and everything a backpacker would love! We were very tired and I think we couldn't enjoy this as much as we could have. :(

We were soooo hungry! We headed straight to food. Hehehehehe. <3 I have no idea what they are called. We just ate, ate, ate!

SUPER TASTY FRIED RICE!!! Aaaaa. I love fried rice. ; 3 ;

This is the name of the place we ate at. Go here when you go to Khaosan! :)

Bangkok is soooo awesome! The first day was super tiring but it was well worth it. My favorite part of the day was going to Chatuchak though. I wish we could have gone around the market more! :(

This is the first of my BKK posts! More soon. ;) See you!



  1. I love Chatuchak weekend market,too.
    There are a lot of shops and I can't stop shopping.
    Khaosan Road,I've been there last month.I love mango sticky rice and Pat Thai.


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