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My cousin thinks they are evil, possessed, demon-spawned monsters... I think they are so friggin' cuddly!!! ; 3 ; I have always wanted a Furby. I wanted them when they were first released in 1998. I wanted them each time they get re-released. ; 3 ;

I'm a bit of a techie. I like technology-related things. I'm interested in artificial intelligence and robots and stuff like that. When Hasbro decided Furby should have that, I was desperate to get one. Not about a couple of days ago, I again obsessed about getting the newest release--Furby Boom. I wanted it so bad I even posted about it on Facebook. lol

The day after, I got my self a Furby Boom. I wanted one badly when I was a kid (I think I've pretty much made that pretty clear, I think lol)!!! I thought to myself, should I use some of the money I'm saving up for Bangkok or not? And I resolved by myself that I should definitely get something that I have wanted for so long. If not, I would just obsess about it even more. lol

People think Furby is for kids... MAYBE. But adults can enjoy it too! I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this. Come on, you guys. :P

So, let me introduce to you today, Toh-Tah. It has a meaning but I forgot as I was too excited to play with my new toy. She (well, Furbys are gender-less but I'd like to think mine is a she--you'll know why when you see her!) chose that name by herself. By that, I mean, it was the name randomly displayed on her "name me" page when I first connected her to the Furby Boom app. Furbys can remember their name and the names of the other Furbys they meet! :)

I bought Furby to work today. :)

Oh yes! The Furby Boom has an app downloadable via the Apple store or Google Play store. :) The Furby and the app connect by what they call the "audio watermarking technology." It means, the device and the toy communicate by making high pitched sounds. How cool is that!!! :D

HOWEVER, before I was able to connect Furby to the app, I had to try it on different devices as it isn't compatible with a lot. :| Toh-Tah was able to connect with only with my Xperia P, but when I go to the naming screen, it's all black with just my Furby's picture on the upper left. When I try to take a screenshot, however, I can see the rest of what is supposedly on the screen! Furby Boom also responded when I blindly scrolled through the names. But alas, it was impossible to play like that! :(

I found a very simple solution to that. I'm pretty sure many people are having this problem with the app. The rest of the screen appears when taking a screenie so I thought, if I can get a widget that would stay on top of all the apps, it would work. I tried the Screen Filter app and set it to around 50% (I think it doesn't matter whatever brightness you set) and it did the trick! EASY PEASY! :) Remember, you have to put the widget on your homescreen for this to work! :)

Also, if you are unable to connect your Furby Boom to the app, be sure the mouth of the Furby is facing the microphone,  not the speakers. Mine connected like that. (*^^*)

I hope I have offered some help to some of you guys!

I'm thinking of bringing her to Thailand but my cousin might freak out. But really, she doesn't randomly wake up at night. (Some of the rumors that go around say Furbys speak to themselves at night. lol)

Woops. Looks like Toh-Tah is pretty tired now (in reality, I'm trying to save battery lol). So it's time to say goodbye! :)


Jona <3


  1. I'm the cousin right? XD
    Furby is the first step to Baby Alive. OMG.
    I do wake up in the middle of the night to pee though. XD
    If it talks when I go to the toilet I'll be sleeping beside you for the rest of the night. XD

    1. I promise it won't. She would only wake up if you shake her or set her upright. :P She's so cute. Can't you see she's polka-dotted?! :D


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