February Updates

I haven't updated my blog in a while, sorry! Lately, I've been doing the same stuff in my life and I seem to be so unmotivated. ; 3 ;

Anyway, this post is not about that! I wanted to tell you guys what I've been up to recently.

Update 1 - Out of the country travel!
I know that there is supposed to be a "situation" in Thailand at the moment. But I'm not one of those tourists who are taken aback by such news. I mean, I'm pretty sure a lot of people outside of my country think that the Philippines is a dangerous country, but that's more of an exaggeration than the truth. Yes, it's possible to have bad experiences here, but that will mostly happen because you are an unknowing tourist. Basically, if you have the street smarts, you will be ok!

Anyhow, as you might have guessed, YES, I'm definitely going to travel to Thailand! I'll be going with a couple of friends of mine-- Lai and Ram. It would be so much fun! :) I will also have more stuff to post about on this blog so... YAY!

Update 2 - The Lego Movie + Unexpected Date with Uni Friends

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I have recently watched the Lego Movie with my cousins, Lai, Faye and Jef. It was awesome! If you haven't watched it, I really recommend you do! At first, moving Legos seemed a little awkward but as the movie goes on, you will get used to it and really appreciate what they did.

After the movie, Lai bought a new luggage for the trip and they went straight home. I went to Book Sale to see if I can get something new to read. I found the Hobbit and bought that, saw an Anne Rice book I thought hard if I should get or not... But I was thinking, I need to save. So, I passed... I was on my way out of the mall when Kath and Joemalyn spotted me. It was sort of a kidnap. They didn't let me go. They decided to hold me up as well and demanded I buy them DQ. And I did. :| But I was so happy that after that, they did buy me the Anne Rice book I really wanted--The Tale of the Body Thief. Gah. Lestat is too sexy. ; 3 ;

My new books! :) Thanks Kath and Joemalyn. <3
Something stupid I made after I got home. lol

For some weird reason, I did not take pictures with my cousins that day. Hmm. ; 3 ; Better make more memories and take more pictures!!! :D

I think this is it for this blog post. I'll be posting another one shortly. Haha. :)

See you guys!



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