Liz Lisa Happy Bag 2014 REVEAL(LizLisa 福袋 2014)

This is a little very late--my Happy Bag came in a little late. I was going to get it January 6 but something came up. Anyway, better late than never!

This is a Classical Ribbon Boston reveal!!!

Are you excited? Here we goooooooo! (*^^*)

Such a cute bag! I love how this can turn into a sling bag/messenger back to a handbag and into a backpack! <3

Sorry I didn't even make a lot of effort to smoothen the wrinkles. lol

The material was quite heavy. I was expecting something light and cottony (and frankly, flimsy) when I saw the photo on the internet but this was a pleasant surprise! I tried it on and I was pleased one more time because I didn't expect to like it on me. Hehe. I think it's a keeper. ^^

Ribbon and print detail.

Original price. Hmm. I don't know if I'll buy this for THIS price. XD


The cardigan's length was short. I think too short for some but it's a good length for me. I thought the color was kinda dead. Paired with the dress, which was quite fluffy on the top, I thought it didn't make a good coordinate. I would use this piece with other clothes, I think!


Original price.

When I first saw it, I was totally like, "CUTE!"

This one, I did not expect to like at all! The pictures don't give it justice... But this is so adorable. Haha. It's to think to wear as a tank top (I would if it was thick enough!) but it would probably be one of my favorite camisoles. <3

Lace and ribbon details.

Original price.

Overall, I was happy with this fukubukuro! I would have loved a top and bottom ensemble over a one piece though... But does that ever happen with a Boston?! I think maybe not? o3o

As a bonus, I also got a Don Quijote fukubukuro. Japanese people call it "Donki." I'm not sure if they are aware how funny it sounds. XD

Please tell me how to use these... I think I'll be using the eyeliner the most. XD

Well this is it. Isn't this my first ever blog post this year too?! Haha. Happy New Year!!! <3



  1. I don't know if there ever was a top x bottom in a boston fukubukuro. In my last year's Liz Lisa fukubukuro, I also got a dress, a cardi and a top like yours. I think the dress is cute though:3 But I probably wouldn't wear those items together either. The dress has really puffy sleeves, I can imagine, it being uncomfy with the cardi on top;-;

    lovely items you got at donki:3 actually..I asked a girl where she got a specific item from and she said it's from don-ki-ho-te xDD when I saw that it was written Don Quijote..I was like OHHHhh xDD

    1. I might get Tralala next year, I think! Or a tote. What do you think? (*^^*) Yes, yes. Those can't really be worn together... But separately, I think they are nice pieces! Gotta find an occasion to wear the dress. <3

      Haha! It was funny when I learned about the name. My friend said Donki. And since he's Japanese I thought he might be mispronouncing donkey. Haha. :D But I figured it's Don Quijote/Quixote when he told me don-ki-ho-te. Haha. :D

  2. Where did you order the don quijote fukubukuro with the cosmagic makeup??

    1. That was a present from one of my students, in fact. I didn't get it myself and I don't think you can get it online!><


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