WARNING: Picture-heavy post.

Before Christmas, my company had our "Year-End Party." Last year, everyone in my group of office friends were able to attend but this year, only Macy, Ram and I were able too. It surely would have been more fun with more friends but it was a blast nonetheless! (*^^*)

The party was held at the Intercontinental Hotel. I think this year, there were fewer teachers who were able to come. >_<

The first thing I did was to snap pics, of course. Well, after picking a table really close the stage, actually. We wanted a better view of the program this year. Last year. we barely saw

The beautiful teacher Liza and her sister.

Teacher Patrick, my luscious cousin teacher Cathy and teacher Josh.

Teacher Macy and teacher Leah.

I just really wanted to take this picture. lol

Tech Resty!

Teacher Ram, Lala and Macy.

Teacher Richard, Macy, Ram and Koji-san. Hehe. Not the soap. Hahaha.

Do you guys know why I took this pic? Ask Macy and Ram please.
Hiro-san, Tomo-san and Mr. Newcomer. I don't really know his name yet. ><

Choose one.XD

Teacher Lory.

We also had a photo booth that everyone abused. lol


Teacher Ivy's opening number. She danced to the tune of Who Am I by the Casting Crowns.

And everybody's favorite part of the night--eating time!!! <3
This year's buffet was WAAAAAAAAAAAy better than the last two years! The. Best. Ever. My tummy was very happy.

I had to hurry to take my food because we were asked to go to the buffet table by table. So, I was only able to take pictures of the cakes.

This was my favorite. I loved it. Yum... Calories. XD

Our masters of cermony, Rainier and CJ. Sorry about this very flattering picture, CJ. lol

GGE48... Or what's left of it. XD

Macy volunteered for the beer drinking contest. I asked my student who she think won and she said, "the girl with the beige dress." See Macy? Everyone thinks you're a drunkard. Haha. XD

In the end, Mr. New Staff won the contest. He downed everything in 3 seconds. o_o

Yukito-san opened the next event, That's My Sensei. In that contest, teachers had to crossdress and perform. It was totally hilarious! Back to Yukito though, he totally looks like his Korean idols, doesn't he?XD

My favorite pair of the night Teacher Liza and Yamamoto! <3

Some forgot to shave their legs.

And some didn't. XD

There was this couple too!!!

Who's this pregnant lady?! Haha.

We all love that mustache.

It's all so eerily natural for Migietsu. XD

And her though partner.XD

The GnGn admin staff then performed a little number for us after all the contestants performed.

My friends and I decided it was a good idea to go outside and camwhore. We literally took dozens of pictures but I'm only posting very few! You guys, if you want the pics, come get it from me personally .XD

Who's the best payphone model?! lol I didn't have a lot of pics because I held the camera. But I'm not really photogenic anyway. XD

Here's the only pic you will see of me that day. That might be a lie. lol

The camwhore girls. Haha. Feeling model talaga sila. Promise.

Told you it was a lie. Here's a very blurry pic. WHO TOOK THIS PICTURE?! Haha. I was going to send this to our student. >< This is teacher Aljie. She joined the That's My Sensei contest too! ^^

Hahaha. Lies, lies. Me and teacher Bunny.

I couldn't take pictures of this event because I also joined. And nobody took my picture. lol We had two winners in the end! I didn't win. orz

Teacher Liza and Yamamoto won the That's My Sensei contest. Truly well deserved! I would show you the video but uploading takes too long. :(

Well, that's it for now. Sorry about the hurried post! I'm typing in between classes.XD

See you all soon!



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