Liz Lisa Happy Bag 2014 (LizLisa 福袋 2014)


Maybe not a lot of you are aware that I'm fond of the gyaru brand, Liz Lisa--I know, I know I may be too old for it at 24 but... NOT REALLY!!! :D

I have waited every year for the reveal of their "Happy Bags"  for new year. I've never gotten one though, because I've never been to Japan and I'm afraid of shipping prices and tax. On top of that, I don't have a Plastic so it's like, 100% impossible for me to obtain one. TT_TT

Anyway, this year's trunks are soooo awesome. To tell you the truth, I like last year's trunk without the florals (So this year, JugeETTA's trunk is better imo)... But this year's is so cute too!!! ; 3 ;


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You can see that they have three pretty trunk variations this year! I haven't been able to ask a student of mine translate everything here but the Boston Bags will have 3 items, the Big Totes will have 6 5 and the Trunks will have 9. Gawd. I want those trunks!!! ; 3 ; But I'm leaning towards the one with BROWN leather details. ; 3 ; *nosebleed*

I hope someday I can get my hands on one of these!!!

Well, that's all, really. Sorry this wasn't such a useful post! XD


They are already accepting reservations for these bags! Get them while you can because they get sold like hot pancakes!

Reserve trunks here.
Reserve totes here.
Reserve Boston bags here.
Reserve Boston bag and tote sets here.


  1. I really want one of those trunks too! However when i click the link to reserve them only one colour shows up? why is that? I cant read japanese and Im new to the lucky bag events what am I missing? Thanks for the great post ^^

    1. Hi! I did link only for the regular trunk. Which one did you want? I totally want that one. XD

      The Blue one is only available at Shibuya 109 so we can't get it unless we're in Japan. :( The one with My Melody is also unavailable online. We are VERY limited because we are not there. :(

      But, do let me know when you get one! I think I'm getting just a Boston this year. ; 3 ;

  2. I don't think that you're too old at 24. I believe, that Liz Lisa is made for girls who finished school already.
    Personally I don't like this years trunk that much. So yeah, the Juge Etta one is def better. I'd buy the My Melody one in an instant though*-* too bad it wasn't sold online.
    This year, I only ordered form Tralala. I wanted to try out their fukubukuro:3

    1. It's good to know. Haha. I actually got the Boston. But I like the in-store Boston contents better. ><

      I think the floral is a little overboard but hey, that's Liz Lisa's trademark. XD Juge Etta's colors are better. ^^ I think Tralala's fukubukuro this year is really good so it's a great buy!!! Yay. XD I'd like to see a post about the reveal. Keep me posted. ^^


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