Spooky Ghibli

I know it's a little late but the event only happened today, so what can I do? Haha. XD

So the office decided to do a little office event where "zombie pools" are asked to make "graveyards." My team decided we didn't really want to make a bone-chilling creepy area like we guessed many other teams will attempt, but we opted to make something creepy-cute instead. <3

My team members and I all LOVE Studio Ghibli so we decided to take the creepy stuff from Ghibli and amplify it just.... a bit. (*^^*)

And so we reluctantly named our area, "Ghibli Dark Forest." Check out the ultra-cute kodama.

At the entrance, you can easily spot No Face (Kaonashi) hanging out and periodically having coffee with the forest guests. lol

If you peek a little, makkurokurosukes and a few kodamas are visible.... But can you see the special guest we had way back the aisle?

Cobwebs and spiders here and there...

And more makkurokurosuke, of course!
If you're curious, I made the fluffy ones out of yarn. ^^

Ah. A black cat! I'm sure you know which Studio Ghibli film this character is from!
But wait! What's that bloody mouth right there?! o_o

asdfgh! T-totoro?! He's a shinigami (death god) afterall!!!

Are we safe yet? I think Kaonashi thinks it's something funny. :|
But I'm pretty sure we're safe now.... Or are we? o3o

To top off this post, I'll leave you with a little video tour I made of our "Ghibli Dark Forest." Here we goooo!

Another video by my cousin Lai can be found here. She was talking/explaining thing in her video so you might want to see that too. :P

I hope you enjoyed! (*^^*)


The team also decided to dress up as Ghibli characters that day--with a twist. We had a few days to prepare for this so excuse our inaccuracies! Hehe. ^^

Can you guess which characters we portrayed?


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