Splash Mountain Resort

This year, sadly, I wasn't able to go to the beach for my birthday. :( It's sad for me because it has been some kind of tradition. And I LOVE spending my birthdays on the beach.

However, this year also became special because I got to meet my old friends, Pauline and Joy. I haven't seen joy for seven years!

It all started as an impulsive thought. In the beginning of October, I didn't even have any plans for my birthday, I didn't intend to go anywhere. Then, Pauline messaged me about wanting to meet up for my birthday, and I suddenly suggested an outing. Since my birthday is in two weeks, we didn't really have a lot of money to spare, let alone, holidays to spend. It was impromptu! Joy was able to secure a couple of days leave, luckily! My other high school friends, however, were not able to. :( Ah well... There's always next time! ^^

I really, really wanted to go to Puerto Galera, but due to money constraints, we settled for Laguna.

Excuse me for looking like shit. lol

Splash Mountain Hotel Entrance. I think my caption is unnecessary. lol

Lunch that day, was, well, not really special. Haha. We went to SM Calamba for lunch since the hotel's food were pretty darn expensive and we were all broke. lol

But you know... Anything can look special in the right angle. *wink*

Doesn't look so bad now, huh? Hahaha 

Of course we had ice cream! *wince*

Then we saw a Havaianas activity and tried it out, because we are little kids. :P
Pauline was very busy. lol
Joy was even busier. lol

Can you spot my name? Haha

Now we will go back to the hotel and photospam you. Sorry. Here we go!

This here is the Clover Pool. We actually have 3 circular pools here that form a clover. Each of the pool are variations of 3 feet high. Does that sentence make sense? lol

This pool is a little deeper at around 4-4.5 feet.

My friends enjoying the pool!

During high season, aka summer, they have this bar open. Isn't it cool? They have a bar on the pool! They also have giant waterslides and a lazy pool, but they aren't open when we went there. It was in another area of the resort too. :(

A few other people came by afternoon to swim as well... But it's as good as deserted because there are several pools. lol

Because there isn't any sand, I wrote our names by wetting the stones with pool water. I'm that creative. lol

A view from the resort, you can see some houses on a hill/mountain!

Just playing with the camera here. Notice all the empty umbrella tables. This will cost you Php400 a day. There are other options too. A gazebo is about Php 2500 I think.

The room was not up to my standards, it was worn out and dull... There were no free toiletries except for two little bars of soap. But at least we had an inner pool. ^^
They will turn on the jets for you at Php350 an hour. I think that's terrible. Shouldn't it be for free? :|

We did decide to take advantage of it during the night though. lol My shiny forehead.

The rest of the night was spent playing cards and talking about high school. Ah, the nostalgia.^^

It was a pretty short trip because we all had to go home the next day. ; 3 ; Before leaving though, I decided to take a bit more snaps.

This is the Splash Hotel. There are two other more expensive hotels in the resort.

And then, it was time for goodbye. :( It was such a short, short trip! I hope next time we can spend a longer time with each other! I enjoyed my friends company more than the resort though, to be honest. The Hotel won Best Resort in Laguna 5 or 6 years ago... Nothing more recent. I can see why!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to enjoying this year and having lots more fun! ^^

See you next time!



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