Just Something Cute to Look At

Not really an update but... Here's Totoro. ^^

See you soon!



  1. TOTORO?haha.
    He reminded me of the words 'Kawaii is Justice'. Do you know?
    it's very famous words among Japanese youth. it means somebody or something cute are tolerated in big deals...
    ex, imagine i were a proffesional interviewer and here were two female candidates for my company. there were little gaps between their skills. so, how would i choose only one...
    It's very easy! i would choose cuter or more beautiful woman, and say 'Kawaii is Justice!' only in my mind!
    it's unfair?haha
    not always but it's real. 'Kawaii' is really valued here in Japan!
    For me, this Totoro has a kind of justice. I'll keep up to be kind after he bites me coz of this. I'll never slap him,maybe?

    1. Hey Etsu! How is the drug lord? Haha. :P Wow that was a really good explanation! Actually, it's the same here in my country... of course, the "prettier" things (and people) are favored. I even once heard that if you're ugly, it's hard to get a job... o_o

      Also, Totoro hasn't really bitten me yet so I'm lucky! Hehehehe. Maybe she will bite you. :P


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