Many people are curious about what Divisoria is like--the shopping haven for students, teenagers, moms, dads, your yaya, your dog, YES EVERYBODY. However, it's hard to know what it's like if you haven't been there. The internet is not so useful either because well, I don't think a lot of people brave to take out their phones/cameras out while in there.


Just for you! lol

Here are some snaps:

I'm sure cat lovers would want this. ^^

Hello Kitty everywhere!

Mini-vanity for all you girly-girls out there.

So many stalls and people shopping! It wasn't so crowded when we visited because it was a weekday and we got there early. ^^

Christmas starts quite early in the Ph. lol

Koji-san asked me to take this picture. lol
He's an accessories vendor we met on the streets. ^^

I'm just going to leave this picture of ice cream cake bars here.

Total yums. Gotta try it! We found it at 168 Mall food court. Not expensive either! I think it was about 39 pesos?

Cute accessories. ; 3 ;

I wasn't able to take lots of pictures because shop attendants kept telling me I'm not allowed to do it. Maybe only if I shop with them will they allow me. Haha. ; 3 ; I did manage to take more than just snaps though. I also made a mini Divi video for you guys to enjoy. Here you go!

Sorry it's super shaky and short. lol I will try harder next time! XD

Have you guys ever been to Divisoria? What did you guys buy? <3

Thanks for reading my blog, as always.


Oooh. I just noticed I reached 20k views! Thank you guys!<3


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