Purikura Saturday

Who knew taking Purikura pictures is tiring?!

I sure didn't!

My friends and I decided to go for a round of 5 purikura sessions, no breaks in between. By the third session, we were all asking, "How many more left?" lol

We especially planned to go to this purikura machine in SM North Edsa, because it's perhaps the newest machine we have in the Philippines. It has the eye-enlarging feature too. lol Some photos turned out super funny!

The name of the machine is Cube 003. All the pictures are square, as you expected. Or did you? :P

Here's the designing station for the pictures!

You can decide whether you want your pictures to be "cool" or "cute" during the shoot.
I think the "pink gal"  one is for "cute."

On the other side, you can see the "purple gal" and that one is for the cool. shoot :)

Inside the booth, it was so, so bright! I think this is probably why we felt so tired at the end.

We had loads of fun but it was hard to fit five people into a tiny square. Hahaha. :D

At the end, we got these pictures:

I can't keep all of the pics so we had to draw for them. >_<

I got the second one and the last one. :)

Oh and I have to say this! This machine is cheaper than other dated machines. It was a pleasant surprise because this was obviously a newer purikura. :P Only 100 pesos! Wow! Haha.

The only downside is that the woman who was "assisting" us wanted to operate the machine for us--it's in Japanese. But I'm sure we're pretty capable. On top of that, one of my friends is a Japanese. lol

After that, we got some ice cream from Picket Fence and ramen from Ramen X. Maybe I'll post about the latter another time! (^^)

This is all for now! I got super tired. Haha. Bye-bye~



  1. andani kong busog, saya, at pagod XD

  2. Is it still there? I'd like to try it with my friends as well :D


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