How's everyone doing?

I decided to remove my imotiv chat plug-in because apparently, not everyone can see it. So therefore, they can't comment. >_<

My days lately have been good! I've decided to get a dog--a Boston Terrier. I think a lot of people don't find them "cute" or whatever but I certainly do. They are lovely, lovely creautres. <3

I have been looking for breeders and checking out puppies but I haven't fully decided on a particular dog yet. I want to show you some pictures of the dogs I'm interested in. I better ask permission from their owners first though... Hold on! Haha. :D

OK I'm back! Haha. :D

This one here, you know where I grabbed the pic off. lol
I don't know what his name is... And I think his papers are still on-process.
But I'm absolutely in love his cute doggy-face. ; 3 ;

This is Fear No Evil of a kennel I chose not to disclose because you might decide to take him before I do. :P
Isn't he lovely? What a cute face. ; 3 ;

So now, tell me... Which one should I get? TT_TT

HALP. I'll take both if I could. ; 3 ;


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