Happy Day!

Tenen~ Guess what I got! <3

Last Friday, I got a notice card from the Post Office stating that there's a parcel for me... Guess what it is? Well I'm pretty sure you know, seeing the picture above. (^^)

A month ago, TaobaoSpree offered a super cute British-flag inspired bag as a giveaway. I was smitten by it and wanted it so, so badly! Much to my friends' annoyance, I re-shared and re-shared and re-shared the giveaway picture on Facebook in order to get a chance to get it. :P

I'm not very lucky when it comes to raffles... So I didn't win via the raffle, of course. But they did choose me as a special winner. Yay!!!

So now, you're wondering, what on earth is TaobaoSpree?

TaobaoSpree is a shopping agent for the massive Chinese online marketplace called Taobao. Taobao is similar to websites like Amazon or Ebay, but they only cater to people with Chinese addresses. This means, if you are outside of China, you can not really transact with them, as far as I know. Even if it is possible, it's quite discouraging if you are not able to speak and read Chinese as everything in the website is in that language.

This is where agents like TaobaoSpree comes in. They buy the products for you and ship it to your country! If you need more information about this service, you can visit their website here. You can also look at the items you may be able to buy right here. However, if you are to lazy to look around an all-Chinese website, TaobaoSpree also has a Storenvy shop called Spree Picky! How cute is that name. Teehee. They select a few items they love from Taobao and sell it on Storenvy. Click here for their Storenvy page!

Now you are thinking, even if the products are cheap, if it is made in China, it must be bad quality. Hold your horses! It isn't always like that. Sure, if you pick products that are unbelievably cheap, well, don't expect anything of good quality. :| However, you can find so many products of good quality at still a considerably low price. (*^^*)Isn't that awesome? Just check out my prize. :P

This doesn't look or feel cheap at all. I love how the Buckingham Palace guard is sewn on, not glued together.

I love that even the lining is British flag-inspired! And what else did I find inside? A cute letter from TaobaoSpree. How endearing! <3

You get three pouches inside and each pouch is detachable from each other through magnetic closures to allow expandability--that means you can probably put more inside that you think!

Well... What do you want? Bags, shoes, clothes, wigs, cosplay items--you name it, you can probably find it in Taobao.

On top of being an awesome Taobao agent, TaobaoSpree also hosts a giveaway weekly. Just how generous are they?! I love these guys. <3 To see what giveaway they are currently having, you have to look at their Facebook page right here. Be sure to "like" the page. (^3^)

For now, let me enjoy this bag. Hehehe.

Me and my ever so shiny face. I wish I had the patience of putting on makeup.


If you have any question about Taobao or TaobaoSpree, I'll gladly try to answer. *wink*


  1. thank you so much hahahahaahahaha,I will share this post in the facebook now lol

    1. That's a lot of laughter. Hehe! Thank you so much too! <3

  2. waaaa~ congrats! It's super super cute! :D I love taobao!


    1. Hey! What have you bought off of Taobao? <3

  3. !! youre so lucky, Iv never won any of those things before ahahaha. Cute bag :)

    1. I rarely ever win raffles/lotteries as well. ; 3 ;But they still chose me so yay. XD Ever shopped taobao?

  4. Hello are you from the philippines? Can you tell me how long before you got your parcel and how much you've paid for the shipping, services, and stuff. Pretty pleaseeeee.

    1. Hello. The tracking number was given to me 20 days before I got a notice from the post office. But if you use courier services, I think it will be much faster! Tip: Over $50 worth of items are taxed at our post office. Under $50 you just pay 50 pesos. ;) Also, TaobaoSpree charges 10% for their service! ^^ THEY ARE GREAT!


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