Happy Day!

Tenen~ Guess what I got! <3

Last Friday, I got a notice card from the Post Office stating that there's a parcel for me... Guess what it is? Well I'm pretty sure you know, seeing the picture above. (^^)

A month ago, TaobaoSpree offered a super cute British-flag inspired bag as a giveaway. I was smitten by it and wanted it so, so badly! Much to my friends' annoyance, I re-shared and re-shared and re-shared the giveaway picture on Facebook in order to get a chance to get it. :P

I'm not very lucky when it comes to raffles... So I didn't win via the raffle, of course. But they did choose me as a special winner. Yay!!!

So now, you're wondering, what on earth is TaobaoSpree?

TaobaoSpree is a shopping agent for the massive Chinese online marketplace called Taobao. Taobao is similar to websites like Amazon or Ebay, but they only cater to people with Chinese addresses. This means, if you are outside of China, you can not really transact with them, as far as I know. Even if it is possible, it's quite discouraging if you are not able to speak and read Chinese as everything in the website is in that language.

This is where agents like TaobaoSpree comes in. They buy the products for you and ship it to your country! If you need more information about this service, you can visit their website here. You can also look at the items you may be able to buy right here. However, if you are to lazy to look around an all-Chinese website, TaobaoSpree also has a Storenvy shop called Spree Picky! How cute is that name. Teehee. They select a few items they love from Taobao and sell it on Storenvy. Click here for their Storenvy page!

Now you are thinking, even if the products are cheap, if it is made in China, it must be bad quality. Hold your horses! It isn't always like that. Sure, if you pick products that are unbelievably cheap, well, don't expect anything of good quality. :| However, you can find so many products of good quality at still a considerably low price. (*^^*)Isn't that awesome? Just check out my prize. :P

This doesn't look or feel cheap at all. I love how the Buckingham Palace guard is sewn on, not glued together.

I love that even the lining is British flag-inspired! And what else did I find inside? A cute letter from TaobaoSpree. How endearing! <3

You get three pouches inside and each pouch is detachable from each other through magnetic closures to allow expandability--that means you can probably put more inside that you think!

Well... What do you want? Bags, shoes, clothes, wigs, cosplay items--you name it, you can probably find it in Taobao.

On top of being an awesome Taobao agent, TaobaoSpree also hosts a giveaway weekly. Just how generous are they?! I love these guys. <3 To see what giveaway they are currently having, you have to look at their Facebook page right here. Be sure to "like" the page. (^3^)

For now, let me enjoy this bag. Hehehe.

Me and my ever so shiny face. I wish I had the patience of putting on makeup.


If you have any question about Taobao or TaobaoSpree, I'll gladly try to answer. *wink*


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Purikura Saturday

Who knew taking Purikura pictures is tiring?!

I sure didn't!

My friends and I decided to go for a round of 5 purikura sessions, no breaks in between. By the third session, we were all asking, "How many more left?" lol

We especially planned to go to this purikura machine in SM North Edsa, because it's perhaps the newest machine we have in the Philippines. It has the eye-enlarging feature too. lol Some photos turned out super funny!

The name of the machine is Cube 003. All the pictures are square, as you expected. Or did you? :P

Here's the designing station for the pictures!

You can decide whether you want your pictures to be "cool" or "cute" during the shoot.
I think the "pink gal"  one is for "cute."

On the other side, you can see the "purple gal" and that one is for the cool. shoot :)

Inside the booth, it was so, so bright! I think this is probably why we felt so tired at the end.

We had loads of fun but it was hard to fit five people into a tiny square. Hahaha. :D

At the end, we got these pictures:

I can't keep all of the pics so we had to draw for them. >_<

I got the second one and the last one. :)

Oh and I have to say this! This machine is cheaper than other dated machines. It was a pleasant surprise because this was obviously a newer purikura. :P Only 100 pesos! Wow! Haha.

The only downside is that the woman who was "assisting" us wanted to operate the machine for us--it's in Japanese. But I'm sure we're pretty capable. On top of that, one of my friends is a Japanese. lol

After that, we got some ice cream from Picket Fence and ramen from Ramen X. Maybe I'll post about the latter another time! (^^)

This is all for now! I got super tired. Haha. Bye-bye~



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How's everyone doing?

I decided to remove my imotiv chat plug-in because apparently, not everyone can see it. So therefore, they can't comment. >_<

My days lately have been good! I've decided to get a dog--a Boston Terrier. I think a lot of people don't find them "cute" or whatever but I certainly do. They are lovely, lovely creautres. <3

I have been looking for breeders and checking out puppies but I haven't fully decided on a particular dog yet. I want to show you some pictures of the dogs I'm interested in. I better ask permission from their owners first though... Hold on! Haha. :D

OK I'm back! Haha. :D

This one here, you know where I grabbed the pic off. lol
I don't know what his name is... And I think his papers are still on-process.
But I'm absolutely in love his cute doggy-face. ; 3 ;

This is Fear No Evil of a kennel I chose not to disclose because you might decide to take him before I do. :P
Isn't he lovely? What a cute face. ; 3 ;

So now, tell me... Which one should I get? TT_TT

HALP. I'll take both if I could. ; 3 ;


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Kawaii in Manila: A Dream Come True!

Warning: Lots of pictures.
Also, I know what you're thinking... THAT'S FAST... Right? O(≧▽≦)O

Hi. Do you remember me? Yes. I'm back from the dead. lol

Aside from my usual excuse of nothing interesting going on in my life, I have also in fact been VERY busy. ; 3 ; Well, I'll be having some free time again from now so... Here's a brand new blog post! Hehe. <3

There's a lot of positive energy in my life right now and I really plan to sustain this. Get. Rid. Of. All. The. Bad. Vibes.

To start off all the great things happening, we'll talk about where I was a couple of hours ago yesterday--the first ever Kawaii in Manila lifestyle workshop!

Chi-chi of Little Miss Paintbrush drew most of the cute art you will see on this blog post--including this.

So what did we do there exactly? It's hard to explain everything in detail so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The venue was a real wonderland. There were pockys, toys, chocolate, wafer sticks, and all things cute EVERYWHERE!

Washi-tape~ They were all so pretty. ; 3 ; I shared mine with a friend I met there, Savie. So, we each got whatever we wanted. :P

Anne Kate made us these cute "LIMITED EDITION" made with love bows. <3 

I had no idea how to use these... But they're cute anyway! Haha. (*^▽^*)

Meet Kawaii Girl. I think she is the Kawaii in Manila Mascot. (*≧▽≦)

Aren't they cute? Each of the Kawaii Team introduced themselves.
Reese was on the other side of the room. \(T∇T)/

Chi-chi taught us how to make a no-sew Tutu/Fairy-kei garment. <3
And oh! We also made lots of bows from felt... But it seems I didn't take any snap. /facepalm

Aside from all the sweets, we got other food too!!! That day, I can't say I was ever hungry. lol

While we ate, Reese serenaded us with three songs. She's such an awesome singer. ; 3 ;
I did take a video but I think I'll ask first before I post it.

Here is Reese explaining to us the anatomy of an outfit. Hehe. <3
Just a thought: The explanation was great but I think after this, it would have been nice to ask the girls coordinate some outfits themselves to see what they learned! For the next event, right? It would be so cool. ; 3 ;

We also learned how to *cough* use make-up. I, for one, don't have much idea regarding this area. But I think, after I go home from work today, I'll buy some make-up to try what I learned from Anne Kate. MAYBE. (´ω`★)

Anne Kate explained to us how to achieve the Kyary-look and Fairy-kaye make up. <3

I have never seen such colorful table napkin in my life. ; 3 ;

The next activity was one of my favorites. ; 3 ; Cup-cake decorating! I love all the artsy and fun stuff. <3 I think I did pretty decently, considering it was my first time. (☆^ー^☆)

Cup-cake decorating kit! (with false eyelashes on the side lol)

Guess which ones are mine?
Do you have a guess now?
Ok then here we go! TADAH!!!

I shall call this... Under the Fairy's Astonishing Trance. UFAT for short! HAHAHAHA. O(≧▽≦)O

This one is called Flowers Abiding. Also known as FLAB. Hohoho.

Yes. Sugary stuff. Come to me!!! <3 You are most welcome. <3

All the girls were busy decorating their cupcakes.

Stickers overload. :) I decorated this myself. *beams*
I was going to spell out my name but there was no more "A" left so... It became... JOKE. Haha.
Oh well!!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

After decorating the notebooks they gave us, Polaroid fun, and the shoot, it was time to say goodbye. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

P.S. Once I get the copies of the pictures, I'll be posting it too. o(≧∇≦o)

Here's Chi-chi and Kaila giving away personalized letters for the Kawaii in Manila graduates. /tears

Here's mine. (*´;ェ;`*)

Look at Chi-chi's drawing of me. So awesome sauce right? <3

The early birds. The girls in my table were the earliest. :P
Christine, Maxine, Savie and ME.

The Kawaii Team saying their thanks.

I'm so happy to have been there!!! I'm so lucky to have won one of two slots sponsored by Reese to go to the workshop. Thank you so much again, Reese! <3

P.S. Dearest Kaila and Chi-chi, I'll be remaking my blog soon. :) SOON! Hehehehe. ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

I'll have a separate post for the contents of the loot bag. It's THAT awesome. (*⌒∇⌒*)

Well, I'll see you guys and girls another time!



The Kawaii Team
Anne Kate

If you have extra time, please visit them too! (✿◠‿◠)


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